Homer Laughlin China

Examples of Vintage Fiesta® (and a few pieces of Harlequin) by Homer Laughlin. 1936-1973.
Left: Desert bowls in chartreuse, yellow, rose, light green, old ivory, medium green, turquoise, and forest green
Right: Demitasse pots in red and yellow, demitasse cups in cobalt and ivory, stick-handled creamer in turquoise, and a #1 nested bowl and lid in light green.
Left: Creamers in rose, cobalt, gray, and yellow
Right: Stick-handled and regular creamers in Fiesta® glazes
Left: 5 1/2" fruit bowls, dessert bowl, cups and saucers, 9" plate, individual salad bowl, and platter in medium green
Right: Sheffield Amberstone ashtray, sauceboat, deep plate, disc pitcher, coffee server, mug, and undecorated chop plate
Left: Chartreuse 5 1/2" fruit bowl, 7" plate, covered sugar, disc pitcher, medium teapot, creamer, dessert bowl, teacup and saucer, and mug
Right: Yellow covered sugar, juice pitcher, ice pitcher, carafe, tumbler, individual sugar, and covered casserole
Left: Water and juice tumblers with Harlequin shakers in a donkey frame (originally designed for Tupperware shakers)
Right: 12" flower vase in light green, sweets compote in turquoise, egg cup in ivory, #1 nested bowl in red, and a #4 nested bowl in yellow
Left: Promotional (unlisted) salad bowl and a covered onion soup in red
Right: Teacups and saucers in the eleven standard Fiesta® glazes
Left: Red individual creamer, covered sugar, tumbler, sweets compote, 4 3/4" fruit bowl and a Kitchen Karft spoon.
Right: Amberstone blank chop plate and a Casulastone 10" plate with non-standard design
Left: Sauceboats in turquoise, gray, brown (from Amberstone), turf green (from Ironstone), red, light green, old ivory, and cobalt
Right: Sweets compotes in yellow, old ivory, cobalt, turquoise, red, and light green
Left: Light green water tumbler, carafe, ice pitcher, covered sugar, demitasse cup and saucer, and a Harlequin individual salad bowl
Right: light green sweets compote and ashtray, ivory 2-pt jug and sauceboat, #1 nested bowl in yellow, gray and forest green mugs, and a Harlequin spruce green 22-oz. jug
Left: Ashtrays in brown (from Amberstone), yellow, turquoise, and light green
Right: Amberstone coffee server, regular coffeepots in turquoise and ivory, demitasse pots in yellow and red
Left: Red bulb candlesticks and an ivory comport
Right: Turf green from Fiesta Ironstone; sauceboat and stand, 10" plate, covered sugar, creamer, and serving bowl
Left: Ice pitcher in cobalt, disc pitcher in light green, and stick-handled creamer in turquoise.
Right: Rose shaker, mug, disc pitcher, deep plate, juice tumbler, covered casserole, 4 3/4" fruit bowl, and a Harlequin individual salad bowl
Left: Gray creamer, covered casserole, 10" plate, deep plate, 4 3/4" fruit bowl, mug, teacup and saucer
Right: Yellow French casseroles
Left: Ice pitchers, creamers, carafes, and mugs
Right: Covered onion soup (l) and Covered sugar (r)
Left: Sugar and creamer in yellow, teacup and saucer in gray and forest green, water tumbler and 5 1/2" fruit bowl in turquoise, rose juice tumbler and mug, and medium teapot in chartreuse
Right: 9 1/2" nappy in yellow, 8 1/2" nappy in turquoise, disc pitcher in light green, Harlequin service jug in maroon, covered onion soup and syrup in red, and a creamer in gray
Left: Fiesta Ironstone turf green 10" plate and saucers in original packaging
Right: Ice pitcher in turquoise and disc pitcher in cobalt
Left: Assorted shapes in Fiesta® glazes
Right: Footed salad bowl in turquoise, disc pitcher in cobalt, ice pitcher in red, bulb candlesticks in turquoise and light green, Kitchen Kraft fork in light green, deep plate in rose, stick-handled creamers in light green and yellow, regular creamer in yellow, cup and saucer in forest green

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