Royal OvenServe by Homer Laughlin
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In 1934, the Royal Metal Company of Chicago, Illinois approached the Homer Laughlin China Company about producing ware to be sold in metal frames. On October 22 of the same year, the Art Department began work on creating special items based on the new OvenServe heat resistant body. By December 1st, all the new pieces were modeled and released into production. They are listed in designer Frederick Rhead's journals as:

  • Pie Plate
  • Cake Plate
  • Casserole
  • Deep Platter
  • Mixing Bowl Casserole
  • Relish Dish

It should be noted that the six items listed above are not the only pieces made for Royal Metal. They also used some embossed OvenServe casseroles and bakers with various decals for metals frames. Such pieces will have the standard OvenServe mark and the special Royal OvenServe platinum stamp. A Fiesta cake plate and mustard were developed specifically for Royal Metal. The mustard, sold through Royal Metal with the shakers as a special condiment set, became a standard Fiesta item, but the cake plate did not. A promotional casserole and pie plate set was made for Royal Metal in 1937. They have been found in red, light green, cobalt, and Harlequin yellow and blue. Special platters were also made in assorted solid color glazes of the late 1930s. See also section on Serenade for a special casserole made for Royal Metal in pastel glazes.

Royal OvenServe casserole, straight-sided

Royal OvenServe casserole, mixing bowl type

Decaled Royal OvenServe relish

Plain ivory Royal OvenServe relish

Royal OvenServe cake plate

Royal OvenServe cake plate, reverse

"Red Clover" Royal OvenServe deep platter

Decaled Royal OvenServe pie plate

Royal OvenServe pie plate in Harlequin blue

Advertisements from the late 1930s for Fiesta and palin pieces in solid colored galzes for Royal Metal

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