TS&T - Plymouth
  • Made by Taylor Smith and Taylor
  • Round shape with light rope design on rims
  • Produced in several forms:
    • In an ivory body - with decals and underglaze treatments
    • Clear glaze on a pink body - plain and decaled
    • With the four Lu-Ray glazes and sold as “Interstate Sunrise Ware ”
  • Produced primairly in the mid 1930s to 1940s
  • Assortment consists of approx. 20 items
  • Virtually all items are marked with the green TST in wreath backstamp

Clear glaze on a pink bodied creamer and sugar.

“Interstate Sunrise Ware” (Plymouth in Lu-Ray glazes) Courtesy of F. & C. Stone

I.S.W. Backstamp
(with no mention of TS&T)
Close-up of the Plymouth rope border
on regular Plymouth and I.S.W. examples

Interstate Sunrise Ware plates
in Lu-Ray glazes

Examples of Interstate Sunrise Ware --- TST's Plymouth shape in the Lu-Ray glazes
Top: Assorted ISW flatware with covered
casserole, covered sugar, creamer, 36s bowl,
teacups and shaker.
Left: Embossing detail.
Bottom: ISW marking.
Images Courtesy: Greg and Liz

This set is the Plymouth shape in the pink body with a clear glaze -- not to be
confused with Interstate Sunrise Ware which is a plain body with pastel glazes.
Courtesy: B. Kahree

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