Catalina by Taylor, Smith & Taylor
The Catalina line of dinnerware was produced by Taylor, Smith & Taylor from 1956 until late 1957. It was intended as a supermarket promotion and was offered by various chains from coast to coast. A&P Supermarket was one of the largest involved in the promotion. They offered Catalina primarily during the summer months in 1957.

A four or five piece place setting (depending on the store) was offered at a set price. Each week an accessory item was discounted. For example, on one week the shakers would be reduced from $1.60 to $1.19; another week the oval platter would go from $2.35 to $1.79. When the sale had run its course the remaining stock was discounted until it was all gone.

Catalina was based on TS&T's speckled glaze Pebbleford line which was first made three years prior. Three colors were selected from Pebbleford; pink, turquoise, and sunburst. A fourth color, green was specially created for Catalina. The colors were given special names during the promotion:

  • Pink - Coral Pink
  • Turquoise - Avalon Blue
  • Sunburst - Lemon Yellow
  • new Green - Lime Green
To make Catalina distinct from Pebbleford, newly made shakers, teacup, and a creamer would take the place of the standard Versatile shapes. Also, the Classic shape coffeepot stood in for its Versatile counterpart. The assortment often varied from one supermarket to the next. The coffeepot and lug soup were usually offered in promotions from 1956, but often disappear in ones from 1957. The full line is given below. All pieces are from the standard Pebbleford/Versatile shape unless otherwise noted.
  1. 10" plate
  2. 7" plate
  3. Teacup (Catalina shape)
  4. Saucer
  5. Soup bowl
  6. Fruit cup
  7. Covered sugar (handleless version)
  8. Creamer (Catalina shape)
  9. Round vegetable bowl
  10. Oval vegetable bowl
  11. Shakers (Catalina shape)
  12. Covered casserole
  13. 12" platter
  14. Divided baker
  15. Coffee server (Classic shape)
  16. Lug Soup
Catalina was never to be marked. According to company records, the line was to be marketed by "Sunset Potteries" of Arcadia, California with special notes that no piece is to receive a Pebbleford backstamp and all TS&T marks were to be removed from cartons. Sunset Potteries was to be shown as the shipper. Catalina was being offered at much lower prices than Pebbleford so these efforts (along with the new hollowware and new green glaze) must have been done to distance the two lines from each other as much as possible.

Catalina promotion from 1956

Catalina promotion from 1957

Catalina cups and saucers in all four glazes

Left: Catalina shakers in lime green with Pebbleford shakers in teal
Right: Catalina shakers in avalon blue

Left: Classic shape coffeepots in coral pink and avalon blue
Right: Catalina creamer (sometimes confused as a syrup) in lemon yellow

Left: Classic shape coffeepot and Catalina creamer in Lime Green (mistakenly sprayed turquoise inside)
Right: Pink handleless sugar (used with both Catalina and Pebbleford) and teal handled sugar (Pebbleford only)

The Catalina shape teacups were used again in at least two special Pebbleford "Scandia" lines; Arctic Night and Daisy Dane. Arctic Night uses turquoise hollowware while flatware and lids were glazed in Marble (white Pebbleford) and given six-petal floral decorations. Daisy Dane is identical to Arctic Night except it uses Sunburst instead of Turquoise as the contrasting color. Most of the dinner plates will be marked Scandia with the appropriate decoration name.

Arctic Night 10" plate

Arctic Night cup and saucer

Daisy Dane advert

Arctic Night soup tureen and bowl set.

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