Kenilworth by Homer Laughlin
The following originally appeared on pages 57-58 of An Overview of Homer Laughlin Dinnerware ©2002,
and is being posted on www.laurelhollowpark.net with permission along with corrections and updates.

In the fall of 1955 a special line of buffet ware was crafted. Kenilworth, as it would come to be known, was made in the same body as Epicure. Pink, black, turquoise, and white glazes used in the Epicure and Dura-Print lines were selected. Most of the Kenilworth pieces were made with brass fitting which served as decorative accents to the bases and lids of hollowware. Several styles of carafes, bowls and casserole were made in simple, round shapes.

In 1957, more items were added to Kenilworth: coffee pot, sugar, creamer, and an ice bucket. The '57 coffee set (right) was made with sharp angular handles which differed from the simple round shapes from 1955.

Kenilworth's backstamp makes no mention of Homer Laughlin. White pieces are sometimes found with decals.

An assortment of Kenilworth with Rhythm sauceboat and Charm House shakers. Courtesy: Candy Fagerlin

Round coffee carafes in pink and white

HLC's drawing for the 76-oz carafe

Kenilworth platter with turkey decal and gold trim.

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