Alliance China by Homer Laughlin
You can find many pieces of Homer Laughlin wares with an Alliance, Ohio overglaze backstamp. There are several variations such as Lifetime China Co, Century Service Corporation, Alliance China Company, International China, and Cunningham & Pickett. In her book, Lehner's Encyclopedia Of US Marks On Pottery, Porcelain Clay, Lois Lehner describes these companies as a series of jobber or retail agencies in Alliance, Ohio.

They would commonly stamp wares purchased from potteries from the Ohio River Valley area. Many examples of Homer Laughlin decaled shapes received such markings as early as 1940 and until the late 1960s. One of the greatest advantages to pieces marked by the Alliance companies is the pattern name is often included. Even the smaller items such as fruit cups and saucers, which ordinarily wouldn't be marked, were given the special backstamps.

In the table below are just some of the patterns offered by the Alliance companies. Just because a piece has an Alliance over stamp doesn't mean it was made by Home Laughlin. As you can see in the table below at least three other potteries produced wares for Alliance; Knowles, Sebring, and French-Saxon. Dinnerware from these three potteries will be marked in a similar manner as the HLC products.

A few lines are made up of mixed shapes. For example, "Gold Crown" uses Rhythm flatware, Cavalier hollowware, and a Nautilus teacup.

Pattern Name Pottery and Shape
Acacia HLC's Nautilus Eggshell
Anniversary Edwin M. Knowles, mixed shapes
American Beauty HLC's Cavalier
Avalon HLC's Alliance
Avon HLC's Republic
Baroness HLC's Rhythm & Cavalier
Blossom HLC's Vogue
Burgundy HLC's Cavalier
Calirose HLC's Liberty
Cameo HLC's Cavalier
Cardinal HLC's Nautilus
Chintz HLC's Nautilus
Colonial HLC's Nautilus
Danube HLC's Cavalier & Rhythm
Dixie Rose HLC's Alliance
Dubarry Rose HLC's Rhythm
Echo HLC's Cavalier and Brittany
Embassy HLC's Rhythm
Embossed Rose French Saxon's Roslyn
Emerald HLC's Cavalier
Empire Green HLC's Cavalier
Empress HLC's Cavalier
Field Crest HLC's Rhythm
Gold Crest HLC's Saxon
Gold Crown HLC's Cavalier, Rhythm, Nautilus
Golden Harvest HLC's Cavalier
Golden Wheat HLC's Rhythm
Greenbriar HLC's Liberty
Harvest Gold HLC's Republic
Heirloom HLC's Nautilus
Imperial HLC's Cavalier, Brittany
Jade Rose HLC's Nautilus
Lynwood HLC's Cavalier, Rhythm, Nautilus
Lotus Edwin M. Knowles' Williamsburg
Magnolia HLC's Nautilus
Ming Edwin M. Knowles' Accent
Norway Rose HLC's Cavalier
Oakdale Edwin M. Knowles' Accent
Petit Point HLC's Virginia Rose
Petite HLC's Georgian Eggshell
Pink Rose HLC's Cavalier, Brittany
Prairie Gold Edwin M. Knowles' Potomac
Princess Edwin M. Knowles' Potomac
Regal HLC's Saxon
Regal Red HLC's Cavalier
Spring Violet Edwin M. Knowles' Accent
Stardust Edwin M. Knowles' Accent
Stratford HLC's Liberty
Sunglow HLC's Saxon
Sunrise HLC's Cavalier, Rhythm, Nautilus
Teal Green HLC's Cavalier
Turquoise HLC's Cavalier
Viking Sebring Potteries, shape unknown
Viking (Wheat) HLC's Cavalier
Vogue HLC's Alliance
Wayside HLC's Republic
Wheat Spray HLC's Swing
Yellow Rose Edwin M. Knowles' Accent

"Cardinal" on Nautilus

"Magnolia" on Nautilus

"Dixie Rose"

"Autumn Gold"

"Gold Crown"

"Gold Crest" on the Saxon shape.

"Avalon" on the Alliance shape.

"Petite" on the Georgian Eggshell shape.

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