Brittany by Homer Laughlin
The following originally appeared on pages 20-25 of An Overview of Homer Laughlin Dinnerware 2002,
and is being posted on www.laurelhollowpark.net with permission along with corrections and updates.

The first pieces of Brittany were created in November of 1935: a nappy, fruit cup, saucer, teacup, 6", 9", 10", 13" plates, sugar and creamer. Most of these pieces underwent revisions in January of 1936 and the 7", 8" plates and a deep plate were added. Two sizes platters; 11" and 13" as well as another nappy were added shortly thereafter.

Several more shapes were added in February 1939; the demitasse cup and saucer, sauceboat, and the sauceboat stand. In April of that year, the oatmeal was modeled and in May both 8" and 9" nappies were offered simultaneously.

The biggest change to Brittany occurred in June of 1939 when several different models of sugar and creamers were considered to replace the original versions. Shown are eight sketches of Brittany shapes that appear in the modeling log. The piece on the top row and to the left a covered gravy dish. There is no indication these were ever put into production, but if they had, they would look like a larger version of the original sugar. To the right is a Brittany creamer with a ringed foot. The second row shows sugars which have identical bodies, but different applied handles. The third row is a 15.25-oz creamer and a 17.25-oz. sugar. Finally, the forth row shows a 13.8-oz creamer and a 15.25-oz sugar. These last two sets of sugars and creamers are the basic shapes used for the final product. In July 1939, the standard Brittany sugar and creamer that is often found replaced the original, smaller versions. It was also during this time the covers for the nappies were restyled with finials that matched the new sugar cover.

Expect to find Brittany with a general HLC backstamp and date code. The demitasse cups, saucers and rim soups were dipped in solid colors to go with Rhythm, but these are rare.

Original style sugar and creamer

Restyled creamer with wider base from 1939

Most of the treatments on Brittany are of bold silk screen patterns on the rim, some of which are in conjunction with floral decal treatments. Any given pattern had to be drawn out for each and every item in the assorment. Below are just a few of the many original drawings necessary to create the underlgaze treatments. Courtesy: The Homer Laughlin China Co.

November 1941

January 1937

January 1941

June 1936

April 1936

May 1936

June 1937

July 1936

April 1939: Constellation

May 1941

August 1940: Blue Willow

Multiple patterns, undated

Trade ad from April 1936

Trade ad from June 1936

Round sauceboat and stand, B-1309

Blue Willow example

Majestic Blue (W638) Red (W538)

"Majestic" on the first style sugar and creamer

"Majestic" on the cream soup cup

Chop plate with pattern B-1273

"Majestic" on a Kitchen Kraft casserole

Original casserole with open finial. Pattern B-1323

Restyled casserole with solid finial

"Colonial Blue" Platter, B-1335

"Hemlock" Platter with decal

"Constellation" platter in red with its 1936 backstamp. This can be found in other colors, namely blue and green.

The teapot was added to the line in late 1952. All three pieces shown here are underglaze, silk screen decorations.

Blue Trees, pattern B-2113

Underglaze coblat decoration with gold stamps

"Royal Splendor" B-1346

Pattern B-1205, black and yellow plaid

Pattern B-1173, blue laurel

Rosebud print in black and red

B-1403, Lily of the Valley in green (The maroon version is B-1402)

Pattern B-1357

Pattern B-1347 (The blue version is B-1326)

"True Love" gravy

"Sugar Pine" sugar and creamer, B-1437

Nappy with W-538, fruit cup with B-1315, and a creamer.

Small plate with pattern GCM-52 and demitasse cup

Brittany nappies with pattern GCM-52

Brittany creamer (W-538). The sauceboat has a restyled handle.

Brittany is still in production today in a restaurant ware body and is called Diplomat. The teacup, creamer and sugar all come from Brittany, but the wider rim flatware looks more derivative of Cavalier. Since neither Brittany nor Cavalier had shakers, Diplomat versions had to be picked up from Jubilee.

To the right is pattern 1409, gold trim on a Diplomat teacup and saucer.
Bottom: three patterns from the 1980s on Diplomat: Solitude, Sterling, and Millbrook.

Millbrook plate with
a Christmas decal.

A sampling of Brittany treatments from company records.
Photos come from the research files of Joanne Jasper.

Assortment of Items:
  • 13" chop plate
  • 10" plate
  • 9" plate
  • 8" plate
  • 7" plate
  • 6" plate
  • Teacup
  • Saucer
  • AD cup
  • AD saucer
  • pickle
  • 11 1/2" platter
  • 13" platter
  • 15" platter
  • Cable eggcup
  • Teapot
  • Covered Sugar, first version
  • Covered Sugar, second version
  • Creamer, first version
  • Creamer, second version
  • 8" nappy
  • 9" nappy
  • Nappy lid, first version
  • Nappy lid, second version
  • Round sauceboat
  • Round sauceboat liner
  • Oval sauceboat
  • Fruit cup
  • 36s bowl
  • Oatmeal
  • Rim soup
  • Cream soup cup
  • Cream soup liner

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