Carolyn by Homer Laughlin
The Carolyn shape was introduced by Homer Laughlin in the early 1960s as part of their Best China line of hotel and restaurant ware. Its design was loosely based on the already existing Virginia Rose shape created by Frederick Rhead in 1932. The scalloped rim, teacup body and handles on the platters were all preserved, but the familiar rose embossings were eliminated. A demitasse cup and saucer was added in 1962, and a 7-oz. Princess cup and saucer also joined the line sometime later.

Carolyn is made up of plates, platters, cups, saucers, and small bowls. It may be limited in assortment, but it is rather extensive when it comes to treatments since it has been in production for over fifty years. Decorations are rather simple and generally along the rim.

For its entire run it has been produced in the heavy, vitrified body which has made it durable for the restaurant trade.

Carolyn platter in pink

Comaprison of Virgina Rose(top) and Carolyn(bottom) platters

Comparisons of a decaled Virginia Rose teacup with its Carolyn counterpart.

Special advertising piece with Carolyn edge.

Carolyn small plates, late 1970s.

Dinner Plates from 1977.

Pattern BEC-948

Promotional photos from 1988.

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