In a letter dated January 9, 1939, William Schmidt of the Coffelator Company of Newark, New Jersey, reached out to the Homer Laughlin China Company to see if they would be interested in making a special coffee pot. All that Schmidt supplied to HLC was a brochure showing the "Creole ware" Coffelator coffee pot. HLC responded several days later on the 11th stating in part, "If we made it up in our Fiesta line of colors the cost would probably be somewhere in the neighborhood of 70¢ or 80¢ each in all colors but the red. The red would be about $1.00 each." The letter goes on to state there would have to be a minimum order of 1,000. On the 13th, Schmidt replied they would order pots in lots of over 1,000. He had even planned to send HLC a sample piece so a more accurate quote could be made. Unfortunately, the venture between Coffelator and HLC never went beyond these initial stages.

Hall China was at least one company that produced Coffelator pots in several colored glazes. Shown below is a Hall delphinium blue example along with its marking.

Coffelator brochure from 1939.

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