Dripcut Servers by Homer Laughlin
The Dripcut Company of Los Angeles, California sold various sizes and styles of syrups and batter jugs as well as a wide range of kitchen utensils. The bases for the syrups and jugs were made by outside sources using either ceramic or glass. The Homer Laughlin China Company made two ceramic bases for Dripcut syrups, one Fiesta®, the other Harlequin. Both use the same plastic lids with metal fittings.

The Fiesta syrup was based on an existing model provided by Dripcut. The only design change was the addition of the Fiesta marking on the base. It was never listed in vintage price lists, however it was carried by several wholesalers and catalogs dating from 1939-1940. They can be found in the six colors available at the time; red, cobalt, yellow, turquoise, ivory and light green.

The Harlequin syrup was an original HLC design complete with a band of rings which matched the cone shaped dinnerware. They were first made in late 1939 and more than likely were sold through Woolworth's. Harlequin syrups have been found in only four colors; red, Harlequin yellow, Harlequin (mauve) blue, and spruce green.

Dripcut company advertisement from 1952 with glass syrups

Dripcut company advertisement from 1940 with a glass batter set

HLC's Fiesta syrup in red

HLC's Harlequin syrup in red

Syrup base comparisons

Syrup bottoms

Fiesta Dripcut syrup advertisements from 1940.

The brown ceramic syrup shown here was not made by Homer Laughlin. Such examples are usually marked, DRIPCUT HEATPROOF LA CAL. It was made as white, vitrified ware with the brown glaze on the outside. Examples with exterior maroon glazes also exist.

The other two examples, shown in turquoise and yellow, are Homer Laughlin Fiesta syrups.

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