Drawings and Concept Art by Homer Laughlin
I have been privileged to conduct research at the Homer Laughlin China Company in Newell, WV on several different occasions. On many of the dinnerware related pages on this site, I have shown photos I took of vintage advertisements, drawings and concept art at HLC. This page features a wide range of materials from the 1930s through the 1980s not used on the other web pages..

Proposed dinnerware from 1943

Proposed dinnerware, circa 1930s.

Proposed dinnerware, circa late 1930s.

Blue Elm, 1943

Proposed line, early 1940s

Original drawing, ealry 1930s

Fiesta advert drawing, 1936

Photo used for Fiesta Kitchen Kraft brochure

Unusual pattern for the Harlquin teacup.

"Old Sprt Scenes" an Underglaze pattern intended for the Nautilus shape, 1941.

Various sketches for Tongue Twister children's dishes, 1941

FTD bud vase. Sketch and example, 1984

Stacking mug with Fiesta handle. Sketch and example

More stacking mugs with Fiesta handles, all with colored glaze exteriors.

Mug, circa 1954

Tall Coffeepot, circa 1960s/70s

Sugar, circa 1960s/70s

Proposed teacup

Sugar from 1976

Sketch of proposed line and examples

Casserole, 1973

Large divided casserole, mid-1950s

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