International by Homer Laughlin
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International was made available in mid-1977. While hollowware was created for this shape, International also made use of sugars, creamers, and teacups from other shapes, namely Challenger. True International hollowware is cylindrical, but not as wide and flared as Challenger's. Another major difference is in the lids. International's sugar finials are raised and Challenger's are recessed.

The flatware used in all International lines is easily recognizable. The narrow rim is "framed" with an outer and inner beaded edge. Later in production the inner bead was softened considerably resulting in a slight bump just above the verge.

International flatware will have general HLC backstamps. When it comes to hollowware, pieces are either unmarked or will have an impressed MADE IN USA marking.

International was discontinued in the 1980s, however the shakers continued to be produced. While it was mainly a decal shape, Internationals was also made in solid colors for Sears.

See also section on Challenger.

1980s Ad for CI-211, "Dutch Pantry"
which uses International hollowware.

International shakers in reissue
Fiesta glazes: rose, white, and periwinkle.

"Glamour" IN-196 chop plate, blue 7" plate

Almond glazed chop plate and "Peaches" 10" plate

Harlequin yellow glaze

"Country Manor" IN-174

"Blue Delft" IN-264

Solid color and decaled International from a Sears 1981 catalog. "Daffy" is pattern IN-180 and "Peaches" is IN-181.

"Colorall" and "Stripes" on International. Sears Fall/Winter 1981 Catalog.
"Banner" in the lower left hand corner uses HLC's Hearthside shape.

The hollowware and flatware shown come from the International shape. This group was marketed as the, "Americana Collection."
From left to right: "Glamour" yellow and brown flowers, "Country Inn" (no decal), and "Delicate" brown wildflowers. Dated 1981.

"Schooldaze" IN-259

Dinner plate with General Housewares Corp. marking

Pacific Flyways "Mallards" gravy and "Canadian Geese" Boy Scout shape mug
The "Pacific Flyways" line was made by Homer Laughlin using the International shape. Company records dated August 3, 1982 indicate this was an exclusive for Sutter Buttes Wildlife Gallery. The "Boy Scout" shape mug was a pick up item. Each piece was given a gray speckled glaze and decorated with an assortment of bird decals as well as a special decal backstamp. The mixed decals were given the treatment number IN-250. Individually, the treatments along with their numbers were: Canadian Geese (IN-251), Pheasants (IN-252), Quail (IN-253), Wood ducks (IN-254), Mallards (IN-255), Pintails (IN-256). The assortment was limited to: the 10" plate, 7" plate, chop plate, soup, vegetable bowl, Boy Scout mug, covered casserole, covered coffeepot, covered sugar (with Unibody lid), creamer, and the gravy.

"Brown Stripe" sugar and cream

IN 197, "Delicate" 7" plate

Blue (IN-112) and Brown (IN-109) "Spatter" with International
flatware and Challenger hollowware.

Sets with International flatware and Challenger hollowware, Sears 1978

Sets with International flatware and Challenger hollowware, Sears 1979

Sears advertisement from 1983 featuring Homer Laughlin wares. Numbers 10 thru 14 are on the International shape.
(7) Tulips, (8) Rings and Dots, (9) Tracery, (10) Embroidery, (11) Brown Stripes, (12) Apricot Stripes, (13) Pecking, (14) Cross Stitch

Montgomery Ward 1982 Fall/Winter Catalog advertisement for "Meadowsweet" and "Daybreak" on the Inernational shape.

"Daybreak" decal on a Solitude blank (left) and a "Meadowsweet" IN-235 dinner plate.

Assortment of Items:
  • 12" Chop Plate
  • 10" Dinner Plate
  • 7" Plate
  • Sugar
  • Creamer
  • Round Vegetable
  • Covered Butter (Orbit)
  • Gravy
  • Gravy Liner
  • Coffeepot
  • Covered Casserole
  • Utility Bowl
  • Soup Mug
  • Coffee Mug
  • Teacup
  • Saucer
  • Rim Soup
  • Soup/Cereal
  • Fruit Bowl
  • Shakers

Sears' "Moss Rose" from 1978.

Sears' "Blue Stripe" from 1981.

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