Treasure Stamp Catalog - HLC and TS&T Dinnerware
The following spread comes from an undated Treasure Stamp Catalog. It must have been published sometime during or after 1964 since Homer Laughlin's Vogue shape is shown in pattern number 18. Two of the patterns were made by the Taylor, Smith & Taylor Co. and three were by the Homer Laughlin China Co. Here is the full list of patterns shown:
  1. Silverplate Gallery tray by Rogers Bros.
  2. Silverplate Mayfair bread tray by Rogers Bros.
  3. Silverplate Sandwich tray by Rogers Bros.
  4. Colemont dinnerware
  5. Boutonniere on the Ever Yours shape by TS&T
  6. Desert Rose by Franciscan
  7. Sierra Sand by Franciscan
  8. Break of Day by Royal China
  9. Break of Day gourmet set by Royal China
  10. Lenoxware melamine "Rondelay"
  11. Moss Rose on the Republic shape by HLC
  12. Lenoxware melamine "Homespun"
  13. Windemere on the Ever Yours shape by TS&T
  14. Lenoxware melamine "Indian Summer"
  15. Romance on the Cavalier shape by HLC
  16. Blue Willow by Royal China
  17. Blue Willow gourmet set by Royal China
  18. Classic on the Vogue shape by HLC

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