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Congregations from three churches in the area, the Fairview Presbyterian Church of New Manchester, the Presbyterian Church of Newell, and the First Presbyterian Church in Chester, have been combined into one. Services are held at the Chester church. The Newell Presbyterian Church held its last service on Christmas Eve 2012, however the building is still maintained and holds monthly community dinners.

The following text comes from a 50th anniversary church program (1907-1957) and gives a detailed history of the Presbyterian Church in Newell. Special thanks goes to Elizabeth Hupp for supplying various historical programs and allowing me to photograph the inside of the church during the last week of April 2014.

Fifty Years... Past and Present

From a Sunday School of 41 members, organized in Newell's one-room schoolhouse in April, 1906, came the First Presbyterian Church, today a congregation of 189 members. On October 18, 1907, Wheeling Presbytery appointed a committee headed by the Reverend J. W. Dunbar of Chester to guide such leaders as James A. Newell, his sister Ada, his brothers Charles and Robert, and William Cuthbert and Mrs. Sarah K. Rush in organizing a local congregation. On November 5, 1907, formally organized with 25 members, the Church celebrated the Lord's Supper for the first time. William Cuthbert and Charles B. Newell were elected Ruling Elders, and William Owen, Ralph Pittenger, James A. Newell, trustees.

The next stet was the erection of a Church building. The first Building Committee consisted of Sterling D. Carson, James A. Newell, Enoch Moon, Chalmer Smith, and Robert C. Newell. The congregation dedicated and moved into its sanctuary on Sunday, June 18, 1911. The next day the Reverend H. E. Giles was installed as the first full-time pastor. Prior to his installation the congregation had been supplied by the Revered E. B. Townsend, the Revered Jacob Ruble, and others.

Upon the resignation of Mr. Giles, after two fruitful years of service, the Reverend W/H Crapper was installed. In 1915 the Reverend Hermann M. Hosack became the pastor. Mr. Hosack has the distinction of having held the longest pastorate in the Church, approximately nine years. In 1924, the Reverend Ellsworth E. Lashley was called. He was followed by the Reverend Benjamin W. Kossack, and he in 1931 by the Reverend M. Rudolph Miller. Mr. Miller spent some months studying at Oxford University in England, and during his absence the Reverend H. E. Chandler served as stated supply. It was during Mr. Miller's pastorate that the Silver Jubilee was celebrated in 1932. The first 25 years of growth and service were over and the Church was ready to embark on its next quarter century.

During this latter period, four minsters have been called to serve. The Reverend George W. Kiehl was the pastor from 1935 to 1943, the Reverend Doctor W. D. Lewis from 1944 to 1950, the Reverend Allie A. Clayton from 1952 to 1955. Our present pastor, the Reverend Ray B. Brugler, was installed in 1956. During periods when the pulpit was vacant, A. R. Evans, a layman of Toronto, Ohio, many time accepted the invitations to preach, always bringing an inspiring message.

The war years saw many of our young men called into the service of their country. In our memories, we honor three, James E. Graham, Jerry R. McEldowney, and William E. Wells, who gave their lives in World War II.

Over the years, many improvements have been made in the Church plant. In 1933, a pipe organ was installed, a gift of Mrs. W. E. Wells. During Mr. Clayton's pastorate the need for more Church School space was apparent, and the movement which started was realized in the beautiful addition to the Church. The Building Committee named was Homer E. Graham, Sidney C. Porter, Sr., and J. B. Cartwright. Construction of the Christian Education unit was begun in October 1956, and was completed and first used in June 1957. Its dedication September 15th opens the week-long Fiftieth Anniversary observance.

The Church is no ready for its next fifty years. Its ministry will go on, spreading its influence beyond the corner of Sixth and Grant, reaching into the community and into all the world. Its people will labor on, serving the cause of Jesus Christ with confidence and deep humility, knowing that "in everything God works for good with those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose."

Anniversary Committee - J.B. Cartwright, Lawrence A. Rush.

Anniversary Calendar of Events

September 15-22, 1957

Sunday, 7:30 PM: Service of Dedication for the newly completed Christian Education unit, in the Junior High room, the Rev. Allie A. Clayton of Fairview, Pa., preaching.

Monday, 10:00 AM: Fall meeting of the Presbytery of Wheeling convenes in the Sanctuary, the Rev. Thomas F Moffett of Wheeling, W. Va., Moderator
13:30 PM: Presbytery Luncheon served in the Social Hall.

Wednesday, 6:30 PM: Anniversary Banquet served in the Social Hall, honoring the living charter members of the congregation, with the Rev. Dr. W. D, Lewis of Wheeling, W. Va., as Master of Ceremonies

Friday, 7:30 PM: Invitation Service, in the Sanctuary, uniting visitors from area Churches in worship, the Rev. Dr. Clifford E Barbour, President of Western Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh, Pa., preaching

Sunday, 11:00 AM: Anniversary Communion, in the Sanctuary, the Rev. M. Rudolph Miller of East Liverpool, Ohio, preaching
12:15 PM: Coffee Hour, in the Social Hall

A Cordial Welcome is extended to all visitors: Members returning to their former Church home, neighbors in the community of Newell, and friends in other area Chruches.

You are invited to inspect the Church plant. The ground floor of the Christian Education unit contains a complete kitchen and the Social Hall which also holds the Junior Church School class on Sunday morning. going up the steps, the first room on the right is an informal chapel in which the Junior High class meets, beyond that on the right is the Nursery, the first room on the left is the Kindergarten-Primary classroom, and the room on the far left is the Pastor's Study which also serves as Library-Conference-Choir room.


Rev. H. E. Giles, 1911-1913
Dr. W. Horatio Crapper, 1914-1915
Rev. Hermann M. Hosack, 1915-1923
Rev. Ellsworth E. Lashley, 1924-1928
Rev. Benjamin W. Kossack, 1929-1930
Rev. M. Rudolph Miller, 1931-1935
Dr. George W. Kiehl, 1935-1943
Dr. W. D. Lewis, 1944-1950
Rev. Allie A. Clayton, 1952-1955
Rev. Ray B. Brugler, 1956-

Ruling Elders
Past: Charles B. Newell, William Cuthbert, Albert T. Fraley, W. H. Wilhelm. J. Wllsworth Hamilton, James R. Manson, Chalmer Smith, W. Ross Bushong, Sidney C. Porter, Sr., Walter S. Nease, Joseph A. Smith, John G. Nathaniel, Ralph W. McSwegin, Waldo S. Hall, Fred A. Miller, Benjamin F. Barker, Homer E. Graham, Lawrence A. Rush.

Present: J. B. Cartwright, H. Albert Graham, J. Denver Sims, Mrs. Helen P. McClain (Clerk of Session), Mrs. Earl C. Lowers, John T. Robison.

Past: Thomas Nathaniel, Merl M. McSwegin, Francis D. Cubberly, William F. Porter, John E. March, Eldon C. Smith, Donald R. Burson, Glenn Rice, Benjamin F. Barker, J. E. McDowell, James E. Graham, William S. Briggs, David S. Porter, Sidney C. Porter, Jr., William L. Higgins, John T. Robison, J. Denver Sims, Alvin H. Thornberry.

Present: Clyde E. Cozzens (President), Robert S. Carnahan, Edward E. Hupp, Carl K. Riser, Sr., J. Carl Durham.

Past: James A. Newell, Ralph Pittenger, Chalmer Smith, William Owens, Enoch Moon, E. E. Betteridge, Fred B. Lawrence, Fred G. Porter, J. Nessly Porter, John M. Swan, Ray Moore, Sterling D. Carson, James A. Davis, Walter S. Davidson, Sidney C. Porter, Sr., A. D. Osborne., Joseph B. Allisoin

Present: W. Russ Bushong, Charles M. Stewart (President), Waldo S. Hall, Edward E. Hupp, Mrs. J. B. Cartwright.

The Church Treasury and Benevolences - H. Albert Graham.,

The Building Fund - Mrs. Fred G. Porter, Robert S. Carnahan, Assistant.

The Church School - J. Denver Sims, Superintendent; J. E. McDowell, Secretary-Treasurer; Mrs. Earl C. Lowers, pianist.

Teachers - Mrs. Ray C. Bailey, Miss Joyce Bossen, Mrs. Helen H. Doane, Miss Carol Nease, Miss Mary Crawford, Mrs, Ray B. Brugler, Rev. Ray B. Brugler, J. Denver Sims, Mrs, Clarence L. Barnett, H. Albert Graham.

The Women's Association - Mrs. Beulah Hill, President; Mrs. Earl C. Lowers, Vice-President; Mrs. Waldo S. Hall, Secretary; Mrs. Helen P. McClain, Treasurer.

The Choir - Mrs. John S. McDevitt, Director; Miss Bernice Myler, Organist; Mrs. Robert S. Carnahan, Mrs. J Carol Durham, Mrs. V. E. McEldowney, mrs. Bertram Wakefiled, the Misses Ellen and Karen Broomhall, Mary Crawford, Maria Doane, Pamela McFadden, Rea Nathaniel, Carol and Mary Nease, Janet Robison.

Westminster Fellowship (Interdenominational) - Carol Nease, Moderator; Mary Alice Stark, Vice-Moderator, Jane Ann Mosser, Secretary; Ronda Bourne, Treasurer/

Worship Hour Nursery - Mrs. H. Albert Graham, Supervisor

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