Southern Potteries
  • Blue Ridge
  • Made by Southern Potteries of Erwin, Tennessee
  • “Blue Ridge” referes to the hand-painted dinnerware
  • Subjects include: florals, fruits, ivys, etc.
  • Major shapes used:
    • Colonial - petal type rim
    • Piecrust - crimped edge
    • Skyline - plain round shape
    • Candlewick
  • Produced from the mid 1930s until the 1950s
  • Most items marked with “Blue Ridge” backstamp

  • Left: Candlewick shape
    Right: “Ridge Daisy” on Colonial Shape

    Vintage Blue Ridge Ad from 1953
    “Ridge Ivy”
    (Skyline shape)
    “Crab Apple”
    (Colonial shape)
    “Green Briar”
    (Piecrust shape)

    Vintage Blue Ridge ads from the 1950s
    “Country Charm” on the Skyline shape and
    “Sun Bouquet” on the Colonial shape
    “Garden Lane” on Colonial

    Two floral treatments on the Skyline shape

    1951 Vintage Blue Ridge ad --
    each pattern was offered with three sizes of matching glassware
    “Ridge Daisy”
    (Colonial shape)
    “Petal Point”
    (Skyline shape)
    “Ridge Harvest”
    (Piecrust shape)

    Blue Ridge examples Courtesy: Judith Stout
    “Evening Flower”
    “Green Eyes”

    “Red Nocturne”
    “Green Briar”
    “Grandmother's Pride”

    Plate marking

    Bowl marking
    The plate and bowl shown above have the “Mary” pattern on the Astor shape. The
    dinner plate has a Jobber backstamp and doesn't mention Southern Potteries. The bowl
    has a marking which was used through about 1932 and doesn't mention Blue Ridge.
    Courtesy: E. Uecker & OldElmo

    Blue Ridge examples Courtesy: Judith Stout
    Pie plate with its backstamp

    “Crab Apple”

    “Martha” Snack Tray and backstamp
    Courtesy: E. Uecker
    “Stanhome Ivy”
    a Stany Home Products exclusive
    Courtesy: J. Stout

    “French Peasant” Demitasse cups and saucers
    Courtesy: K. Murphy

    1940s Ad featuring the Blue Ridge lines, “Mountain Flower” and “Mountain Wreath”
    Courtesy: Candy Fagerlin

    Late 1940s Montgomery Wards ad featuring Blue Ridge:
    Top (l-r): Garden Lane, Ridge Rose, Autumn Laurel, Crab Apple
    Bottom: Fruit Fantasy

    • Palisades
    • Made by Southern Potteries of Erwin, Tenn.
    • Round coupe shape with wing-like tab extensions
    • Made in the mid 1950s
    • Assortment of items: approx. 20 items
    • Most flatware has a backstamp

    1956 Ad for “Driftwood” on Palisades

    • Trellis
    • Official name: unknown
    • Made by Southern Potteries, Inc. of Erwin, Tenn.
    • Round shape with Trellis embossed rim
    • Produced in the late 20s to mid 30s
    • Comes in white with decal treatments
    • Number of items in assortment: unknown
    • Pieces are generally unmarked

    Plates with a red Willow treatment
    Round serving bowl

    Close-up of Trellis embossing

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