Crooksville China Co.
  • Location: Crooksville, Ohio
  • Makers of decaled dinnerware and kitchenware
  • Most pieces are marked with a Crooksville backstamp
  • Dates of Operation: 1902 to 1959
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Crooksville Ads from the 1920s with the Columbia shape.

More 1920s ads, this time with the Hostess shape.

Vintage post card featuring the Crooksville decorating room

Crooksville handled dish -- somewhat unusual piece to be made by a dinnerware maker. This dish has the same pink body and clear glaze commonly used on their dinnerware from the 1930s.
Courtesy: Fran & Carl Stone

1940s ads for Crooksville's “Maryland” and “Hyde Park”
Courtesy: C. Fagerlin

  • Thematic
  • Made by the Crooksville Pottery Company
  • Round embossed shape:
    • Hollowware has rounded rope-like handles
    • Flatware is shared with La Grande shape
  • Known production dates: 1930s and 40s
  • Decorated with decals
  • Marking: Thematic Crooksville backstamp

Cup and Saucer



Thematic images courtesy: P. Esnault

• Chateau Dinnerware

1940s ad for Crooksville's “Chateau Dinnerware.”
To the left are pieces from Crooksville's Bak-In kitchen line.
Courtesy: C. Fagerlin

• Dawn

1939 ad for Crooksville's Dawn

• Euclid

  • Consists of both kitchenware and dinnerware
  • Shapes:
    • Flatware: square shape with crimped and rounded corners
    • Hollowware: round bodies
    • Both forms have heavily embossed rims of fruits and vines
  • Comes with decal treatments
  • Produced primairly in the mid 1930s
  • Assortment consists of approx. 25
  • Virtually all items are marked "Crooksville"(mainly dinnerware) or "Bak-In"(mainly kitchenware)
  • Items marked "Bak-in" which do not have the embossing are from Crooksville's general kitchen line and are not part of Euclid.

"Rust Boquet" 10" plate
"Rust Boquet" deep plate and 6" plate

• Iva-Lure
  • Plain round coupe shape
  • Production dates: 1950s
  • Decorated in white and pastel colors with decal treatments
  • Assortment: approx. 20 items
  • Marking: Iva-Lure/Crooksville backstamp

Decaled Iva-lure grouping
Courtesy: J. Windhorst

• La Grande
  • Round shape with rope design around rim
  • Production dates: unkown (probably late 30s to mid 40s)
  • Found with various decal treatments
  • Assortment: number unkown
  • Marking: general "Crooksville" backstamp

6" plate
Sauceboat with stand

“Flower Show”

• Provincial Ware
  • Round embossed shape
  • Produced in the 1930s
  • Made in ivory, green and with decals
  • Assortment consists of approx. 20 items
  • Most pieces have a "Provincial Ware" backstamp

1930s ad for Provincial Ware

• Quadro
  • Sqaure shape with scalloped corners
  • Produced in the early 1930s
  • Made in white or ivory bodies with decal treatments
  • Assortment consists of approx. 20 items
  • Most pieces have a "Quadro - Crooksville" backstamp

6" plate with blue floral decal

• Silhouette
  • Produced mainly in the 1930s on an ivory glaze
  • The Silhouette treatment used on several different shapes
    (A similar treatment was used by Hall and Taylor Smith and Taylor)
  • Pieces are marked with generic Crooksville backstamp

1930s ad for Crooksville's Silhouette
From the ad...
Sihouette dips into vocabulary of fashion
for its name and into the spirit of old
English tavern days for its inspiration.
Quaint, jet-black, animated silhouettes
in the Victorian mode are very chic against
the warm yellow ground of our Ivo-Glo.
A table decor equally suitable for the
hospitable home, the smart tea-room, or
the snappy nightclub.

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