French-Saxon Examples
This vintage ad features pastel dinnerware made by the French-Saxon China Company of
Sebring, Ohio using plain round coupe shapes.

Courtesy: Fran & Carl Stone.

1948 ad featuring “Hawaiian Poppy”
on French-Saxon's Hermosa shape.

1950s Woolworth's ad for Pine Cone by French Saxon.

  • Zephyr
  • Made by the French-Saxon China Co. of Sebring, Ohio
  • Round shape with four crimped sections on bowls and plates; handles are angular
  • The two lines, based on French-Saxon's Zephyr shape, were made in distinct colors.
  • Romany is from the early 40s and comes in the following glazes:
    • cobalt
    • light green
    • yellow
    • red
    • some turquoise pieces are known to exist
  • Granada is a name given to Romany by Retailers.
  • Rancho is from the very late 40s to early 50s and comes in glazes common at that time:
    • maroon
    • dark green
    • chartreuse
    • grey
  • Romany and Rancho items may or may not be marked with a backstamp

Two trade ads for the Zephyr shape from the late 1930s.
Notice the odd fish tail type handle in the ad on the left.

1939 ad for “Marita” on French-Saxon's Zephyr shape.

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