Royal China Co.
Examples of dinnerware made by Royal China of Sebring, Ohio
1934 - 1986

Blue Currier & Ives examples
Courtesy: Judith Stout

1950s Ad for “Tam O'Shanter”

Colonial Homestead
Currier & Ives

Three ads in one: Currier & Ives,
Colonial Homestead and Old Curiosity Shop

Curiosity Shop
from 1955

Ad for “Fair Oaks”

1956 Ad featuring patterns by Royal China
Courtesy: Fran & Carl Stone

Close up of the Blue Heaven treatment
markings: “Blue Heaven” & “Star Glow”

Royal China teapot, sugar and creamer with the “Star Glow” treatment.

“Coq Royal” and “Good Morning” are different names for the same line of dinnerware made by Royal China in the mid 1950s. The line features a black and brown rooster treatment on white coupe shapes. Good Morning pieces are marked as such and Coq Royal will have a general Royal China marking.

1956 Ad for “Coq Royal”

Ad for Royal China's Futura shape
Courtesy: E. Michniewicz Big Ed's Royal China Dinnerware

1940s ad for “Continental” on Royal's Oxford shape

Ads from the 1940s featuring Royal China's Regent shape.
“Red Mill”
“Elaine” and “Blue Gables”
Courtesy: Candy Fagerlin

Royal Stone
Yellow sugar bowl
Brown creamer and unglazed coffee pot
Courtesy: Fran & Carl Stone

Orange sauceboat
Brown shaker
Green Serving bowl

Teacup - Side and bottom views

Swirl Platter, shaker and sauceboat
Courtesy: Carl & Fran Stone

1949 “Blue Gaiety” on the Swirl shape

Left: Vintage Ad showing “Tahiti” on the Swirl shape
Right: “Tahiti” plates, Courtesy: L. Hamilton

“Blue Gaiety” Teapot

“Woodbury” lug soup and marking.
Montgomery Wards sold this pattern as, “Tahiti”
Courtesy: P. Esnault

This 1940s ad shows flatware and teacups from Royal's Oxford shape, but the sugar and creamer are different. It's the sugar and creamer sets along with similar hollowware that's not been identified.
Courtesy: Candy Fagerlin.

The two ads above have the same sugar and creamer from the 1940s ad, but this time, the cup's body matches the shape of the sugar and creamer. Shown are "Dutch Mill" and "Rosepoint" from a 1950s Montgomery Wards catalog. Royal China used a red(pink) version of the windmill on their Regent shape.

The following three pages come from a 1964 Red Owl grocery store premiums catalog. They feature the "Blue Heaven" line of dinnerware made by the Royal China Company of Sebring, Ohio. Multiple coupons were included in the catalog that could be redeemed for free small individual pieces for specified weeks throughout the year or for discounted prices on larger items and place settings.

Red Owl stores were primarily in the upper midwest region. At one the time of the "Blue Heaven" promotion, there were locations in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming.

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