Steubenville Pottery Co.
Examples of dinnerware made by Steubenville Pottery Co. of Steubenville, Ohio, 1879 - 1959.

• Adam Antique

  • Embossed rim and Gadroon edge shape
  • Comes in ivory - plain and with decals
  • Produced from the 1930s to the early 1950s
  • Assortment consists of approx. 30 items
  • Marked with an Adam Antique backstamp

1940s ad for Adam by Steubenville

1938 Promotional Dish
Adam Antique Shakers

Late 1940s ad for Adam Antique.

• Fairlane
  • Blue/Pink treatment on a round coupe shape
  • Hollowware has angular handles and finials
  • Produced in the late 1960s
  • Assortment consists of approx. 25 items
  • Marked with a backstamp

Fairlane sauceboat, fruit cup and casserole
Courtesy: A. Tressler

Fairlane as made by Salem China
Courtesy: A. Tressler

  • Round Coupe Shape
  • Produced mainly in the 1950s
  • Comes with decals and plaid treatments
  • Assortment consists of approx. 30 items
  • There are at least two styles of hollowware:
    one is very formal, the other casusal.
  • Pieces are marked with a "Horizon" backstampmp

Four 1950s Patterns on the Horizon shape.

Family Affair




• Monticello
  • Round gadroon, formal shape
  • Produced in the very late 1940s and early 1950s
  • Comes with decals colored body treatments
  • Assortment consists of approx. 30 items
  • Pieces are marked with a special Monticello backstamp
    with the distributor's name, Herman C. Kupper, Inc.

1949 ad for Monticello. Top: Regency
Middle: Cinderella, Dogwood, Cornelia, Chrysanthemum
Bottom: pate sure pate in coral and blue

• Shalimar
  • Round embossed shape
  • Made in solid colors and with decals
  • Assortment consists of approx. 20 items
  • Pieces are marked with a "Shalimar" backstamp

Shalimar Plate

• Woodfield
  • Leaf Shape
  • Produced in the 1940s
  • Made in soild colors
    • Tropic Green
    • Golden Fawn
    • Salmon Pink
    • Dove Gray
    • Rust Brown
  • Assortment consists of approx. 30 items
  • Impressed marking

Woodfield plates
Courtesy: A. Tressler

Woodfield teapot and “small” sugar & creamer

Undated brochure featuring Adam Antique and Russel Wright's American Modern by Steubenville Pottery

Outside cover


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