W. S. George Pottery Co.
Examples of dinnerware made by W. S. George Pottery Co., 1903 - 1960

Commonly confused lines - on the left is "Old Madrid" by Mt. Clemens Pottery, on the right is Georgette (Petalware) by W. S. George.

W. S. George Pottery
50th Anniversary Plate from 1954
Unusual W. S. George Vase
Courtesy: F. & C. Stone

The following is a portion of a W. S. George Pottery ad featured in a 1930 trade journal.
The patterns are identified by a series of numbers and letters.
W. S. George treatments from 1930
Top, left to right:
  • 23590 V
  • 27592 1/8
  • 11595
Middle, left to right:
  • 26591 N
  • Yellotone, Y0598
  • 26596 P
Bottom, left to right:
  • 27593 1/8
  • 25597 S
  • 26594 E

1954 Plate with the “Half Century” backstamp.
Courtesy: P. Esnault

Late 1920s ad featuring pattern
97532 on the Astor shape.

Late 1920s ad featuring pattern
2155K on the Argosy shape.

• Basketweave
  • Round shape with basketweave embossing
  • Produced in several solid colors
    (green is the most common)
  • Also made with decals
  • Made during the 1930s
  • Assortment consists of approx. 15 items
  • Pieces are marked with a general WS George backstamp

Green Teapot and Blue Plate
Green Egg Cup and Sauceboat
Both images courtesy: C. & F. Stone

Decal decorated sugar and creamer

Partial W.S. George Ad from 1930 featuring Basketweave in
Blue Bonnet, Maple Bisque and Gretna Green

Advert showing patterns on Basketweave.

• Bolero
  • Made by W.S. George Pottery Company
  • Round petal fluted rimless shape
  • Made with decals and solid colors
  • Prodcued in the 30s, 40s and 50s
  • Assortment consists of approx. 30 items
  • Pieces carry a W.S. George-Bolero backstamp

W. S. George Bolero Plate with the Sunporch decal. Sunporch was originally
used by Homer Laughlin, but was also used by W.S. George and Harker.

• Elmhurst
  • Round paneled shape with crimped border
  • Produced with decals and the following solid colors and sold as “Elmhurst Pastels”:
    • Blue
    • Pink
    • Yellow
    • Apple Green
    • Maple Sugar
    • Turquoise
  • First made in the late 1930s
  • Assortment consists of approx. 25 items
  • Most pieces are marked with an Elmhurst backstamp

Platters and lug soups
Dinner plates and a teatpot
Generic shape shakers in
Elmhurst's pink glaze
Courtesy: F. & C. Stone

“Elmhurst Pastels” ad from a 1939 trade journal
W.S. George Pottery Co. - New Color Tones - Elmhurst Pastels
Elmhusrt Pastels are the result of long research and experimentation at the big potteries of the W.S. George Company. Plain bright colors were first obtained and used in the pottery field, but it remained for the W.S. George Pottery to perfect and stabilize the soft hues of pastel tints now available on the Elmhurst shape.

Elmhurst Pastels are guaranteed against deterioration from citrus fruits, salad dressings or relishes. The tints in these glazes are “color fast”, do not fade, or dull from use.
Additional pieces are obtainable too, with the satisfaction of knowing that corresponding tints do not vary.

Furniture, smart table settings, require harmonizing table service for complete color schemes in the modern home; and it is significant that the overwhelming trend is to these beautiful light-toned Elmhusrt Pastels.

Covered Casserole

Soup bowls
Baker and Creamer

Elmhurst examples in pastel glazes:
Egg cups in green, yellow and blue
Courtesy: F. & C. Stone

• Georgette (Petalware)
  • Round shape with petals forming a scalloped edge
  • Produced in several solid colors:
    • light green
    • medium blue
    • rose
    • burgundy
    • chartreuse
    • grey
    • dark green
    • yellow
  • The Georgette shape was also used with decals
  • Solid color Gerogette/“Petalware” is often confused with Mt. Clemen's Petal which has a similar shape.
    The "petals" on Mt. Clemen's version do not go to the rim.
  • Produced primairly in the 1940s
  • Decaled Georgette sometimes has an inkstamp; solid colored pieces are generally unmarked

Platters in dark green and rose
Chartreuse sugar with yellow fruit cup
Rose cup and saucer

36s bowl in green
Jumbo “Father” cup and saucer

• Rainbow
  • Round shape with crimped edge and panels
  • Produced in several solid colors and with decal treatments
  • Made in the mid to late 1930s
  • Assortment consists of approx. 25 items
  • Markings: “W.S. George” or “Rainbow”
  • “Petit-Point Rainbow” is Rainbow with an all over embossed design

Covered Sugar and creamer
Courtesy: Steve Beals
Egg cup and sauceboat
Courtesy: F. & C. Stone,

Round 8” bowl in pink

Comparison of Rainbow(left) and
Petit-Point Rainbow(right) cups and saucers, Courtesy: F. & C. Stone

• Ranchero
  • Plain Round shape; elongated handles
  • Produced in late 30s into the 1950s
  • Found primarily with decal treatments
  • Solid colors are hard to find
  • Assortment consists of approx. 20 items

Left: Covered sugar with Mexican theme decal
Right: Covered butter in chartreuse

Ranchero plate with a
Christmas tree decal
This new W.S. George item is made fo a new material developed at this pottery - GEORGEX - extra hard and heat resisting guaranteed against crazing and with ordinary care will not chip or crack. Now pour boiling hot water over the tea right into this beautiful GEORGEX teapot. It will stand any amount of heat, except direct contact with flames. With the choice of four colors, GEORGEX teapots are selling like hot cakes wherever shown.

HARD to break! Remove lid and tap it sharply against the side of teapot - will not break, chip or crack.

Here is a Georgex teapot in turquoise.

Though the ad shows a Ranchero shape teapot,
the ones found in solid colors are styled a little
differently with a set of rings at the opening
and on the finial.

1940s Sears Ad featuring “Shortcake” on the Ranchero shape
Courtesy: Candy Fagerlin

Ranchero with pastel colored glazes - circa 1949.
Courtesy: Joseph Skompski
W. S. George

Place setting and shakers
Shakers and covered sugar

Ranchero with a green speckled glaze similar to TS&T's Pebbleford.

Generic shakers and a special pair of round
shape shakers with a W.S. George speckled glaze.
Hard to find eggcup
Courtesy: F. & C. Stone

• Shasta
  • Shape name: Shasta
  • Asymmetrical/Elliptical shape
  • Comes in white with decal treatments
  • Produced in the mid 1950s
  • Assortment consists of approx. 25 items
  • Flatware marked with W.S. George backstamp

Pinhurst on the Shasta shape
circa 1955

  • Marks: None
  • Comes in decals and solid colors and sold as "Cametee Deep Tones"
    • maroon
    • grey
    • chartreuse
    • dark green
  • Plain ound shape, hollowware has pedestal base

Creamer, platter, cup and sacuer
Plates, fruit cup, sauceboat

W.S. George's Camette shape, but this time with decals.
The marking shown is the general “Half Century” backstamp.

All images courtesy: M. Dean



Decal Close up

Sugar, Creamer,
Baker, Cup and Saucer

Sauceboat, Platter,
Shakers and Casserole

• Vesta

Vesta by W. S. George of East Palestine, Ohio was made in the mid-1930s and sold under the Cavitt-Shaw name. It was produced with decals, but an undecorated version was sold as "Vesta Alba." It is a light weight body with rings towards the verge and solid handles and finials.

Vesta must have been produced for only a short time since it is rather scarce today.

Though not show in the promotional material below, there is a Vesta shape teapot. Other items such as a casserole and gravy probably exist as well.

Vesta covered sugar marked Cavitt-Shaw

Vesta teapot, Courtesy Fran & Carl stone

Undated Vesta promos

Vesta Advertisement from 1936

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