Iona by The Taylor, Smith & Taylor Co.
The following originally appeared on pages 79-80 of Taylor, Smith & Taylor Dinnerware by Mark Gonzalez ©2004,
and is being posted on www.laurelhollowpark.net with permission along with corrections and updates.

Iona was a round shape first produced by Taylor, Smith & Taylor in the very early 1920s. The shapes were clean without embossing, scalloped edges, or other decorative elements. Most of the treatments developed for Iona were simple "ribbon" style decals that were applied to the rims of flatware and mid-body on the hollowware.

Iona was given its own backstamp with date code with the last two digits signifying the year. Shown to the right is an example from 1921. Iona was discontinued by the early 1930s.

Iona sugar and creamer

Iona covered dish

Iona cup and saucer

Iona shapes used in a child's teaset

Iona gravy fast stand with pattern #7373

Iona creamer with gold band

"Westbrook" pattern

Blue birds plate

Child's dish

The following three pictures of Iona shapes come from the research files of Joanne Jasper.

"Westbrook" was TS&T's pattern #79 and sold though Larkin Co., Inc. a mail-order merchant.

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