Marvel by the Taylor, Smith & Taylor Co.
The Marvel shape was offered by Taylor, Smith & Taylor in 1932. Harvey Duke noted in his book, The Official Price Guide to Pottery and Porcelain, that Marvel was designed by ceramicist J. Palin Thorely. The flatware was modeled with embossed roses and slight flutes around the rim. This pattern was repeated at the openings of the hollowware and at the tops of handles.

Marvel is often found with decals popular in the 1930s. Sometimes pieces can be found with the embossing hand-painted in either green, pink, or both. I've yet to see any examples with underglaze transfer decorations or in solid colors. Most Marvel will be marked with TS&T's shield backstamp and date code as shown.

A second shape was made at TS&T using the standard Marvel flatware, but with redesigned hollowware. The pieces affected were the casserole, teapot, sugar, creamer, sauceboat, and the covered butter. Finials were changed from open handles to rose buds. The bodies were given a more stretched appearance complete with tab handles. The decorative embossing was kept the same, but it was moved towards the bases. Most of the redesigned ware was made for pattern 500, a wild rose decoration exclusive to McCrory five and dime stores.

In 1933, TS&T and the Homer Laughlin China Company used Marvel shapes to create a special breakfast set for Quaker Oats. The new five-piece set was named Chelsea. For more on Chelsea, visit this page.

From a Fall 1933 Sears catalog: TS&T's Plymouth (left) and Marvel (right) shapes.

Alice Jane on Marvel. Sears, 1934.

Pattern #431 on Marvel.

Pattern #370, Thistle, on a Marvel teapot

Pattern #488 on a Marvel teapot

"Silver Rose" on a Marvel casserole.

Pattern #114 on Marvel demitasse cups and saucers.

Pattern #65 on a sauceboat

Pattern #433 on a sauceboat

Marvel shape platter.

Marvel shape baker.

Redesigned Marvel examples.

Wild Rose, pattern #500, on the redesigned Marvel sugar and creamer

Pattern #500 on a covered butter

A redesigned sugar with gold stamps.

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