Taylor, Smith & Taylor Co.
In the summer of 1999, the Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association and a group of Taylor, Smith & Taylor collectors were allowed inside the old TS&T plant. The pottery hadn't been used since 1981 and was in serious disrepair. Windows were broken and repeated snowstorms compromised large sections of the roof. Kids had broken into the pottery and used it as a hangout throughout the years. Graffiti was all over the walls, there was broken glass, tons of saggers, shards, and equipment was rusting and falling apart.

Here are a few pictures that I took during our little tour. We didn't have too much access as it wasn't the safest place in the world. We were not allowed to any of the upstairs portions for fear of the second floor collapsing. I remember all of us had to sign waivers before going inside. In hindsight, I'm surprised they let us in at all.

Factory Tour - 1999
Demolition - 2011
Demolition - 2012
Silo Demolition
Final Clean Up
Submitted Photos

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