Verona by the Taylor, Smith & Taylor Co.
The following originally appeared on pages 126 and 127 of the book, Taylor, Smith & Taylor Dinneware by Mark Gonzalez, © 2004.
It is being posted on www.laurelhollowpark.net with permission along with corrections and updates.

Verona was first made by Taylor, Smith & Taylor around 1916 and would last until the early 1920s.

It is very similar to Iona in that both were made as plain round shapes with few decorative elements. Verona does have a slightly more formal look with its pedestal feet and elongated handles and finials. The decals also differed; Iona's were narrow bands restricted to the rims whereas Verona's were larger and bolder.

Verona must have been a good seller in its day since it is not terribly hard to find. The various sizes of casseroles, sauce boats, and bone dishes are somewhat common.

Verona Covered dish with pattern 7354HH.

Verona casserole

Verona fast stand and sauce boat

Verona sugar and creamer with gold bands

Juvenile ware using Verona shapes

Verona bone dish with pattern 0734

Full Verona assorment. Descriptions are given below

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