Locust Hill Cemetery
Locust Hill Cemetery of Chester, West Virginia was founded in 1900. At the entrance are two pieces of artillery with an American Legion Memorial. One has an ID plate which reads:
No. 2182. NFR Mechanism Recoil, 3 Inch Gun, M 9A1, Rock Island Arsenal, 1944.
The other is identical except its number is 2456.

The site findagrave.com has listings of graveyards and headstones from all over the country. If you visit this link, you can fill in the appropriate fields and see a picture of a specific grave at Locust Hill (as well as Shadow Lawn in Newell.)

Pictures shown here were taken at the end of April 2013.

Locust Hill Cemetery in upper Hancock County, West Virginia.

No. 2182 - 3 Inch Gun

No. 2456 - 3 Inch Gun

American Legion Memorial at Locust Hill

Old headstones with worn names and dates with broken crosses.
Most headstones are in excellent condition, but there are about four or five like these.

Green headstone. John (1872-1950) and Emma Ruth (1876-1918)

Close-up of Green grave

Mangano grave

Pirug headstone
Martin and Frances

Close-up of the Virgin Mary
at the Mangano grave

Narduzzi headstone
Paul and Marie

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