Timber Craft, Inc.
Timber Craft was a wood making company owned by Taylor, Smith & Taylor Co., but independently run. In the 1960s, TS&T purchased an old building located near the pottery. It had been used for several different business including a rubber factory and plastic dinnerware plant. When the building became available, TS&T bought it with the intent to make crates and pallets. However, there were several employees skilled in woodworking and it was realized that TS&T could do more with their wood shop than making simple shipping pieces.

After a source for walnut was found, TS&T started to create cheese trays, cutting boards, serving trays, and decorative accessories including candlestick holders. Dark walnut was almost always the wood of choice, but in some cases (namely the cutting boards) maple was also used. Many of the early pieces were designed by John Gilkes who also created most of TS&T dinnerware shapes starting in 1953. Almost every piece of Timber Craft was marked with a Timber Craft sticker or impressed mark.

Timbercraft did good business in the 1960s and '70s. They also made wooden lids for TS&T sugars, coffeepots and other pieces for the Taylorton and Taylorstone lines. The brass finials for these lids were supplied by an outside company. TS&T would make ceramic tiles to fit many of the Timbercraft pieces. Most had a fruit or floral decal on one side with a Christmas decal on the other.

An article ran in The Weirton Daily Times on March 17, 1973 regarding the final sale of TS&T. It briefly mentions the Timber Craft company:

Pottery Sale Completed In Chester

The sale of Taylor, Smith & Taylor Pottery to Anchor Hocking Corp. of Lancaster, Ohio, has been completed, officials of Anchor company announced today.

Announcement of plans for purchase of the pottery had been announced several months ago.

John C. Gushman, chairman of the board of Anchor Hocking said T.S.& T. will continue to operations under its present management at the Chester location and would be wholly-owned subsidiary of the parent firm.

The price was not revealed.

T.S.& T. has been operating continuously since 1899. It produces earthenware (ironstone), fine stoneware and institutional china dinnerware and commemorated and collectors plates.

The company sales in 1972 were more than $6 million.

T.S.& T. also operates Timber Craft Inc., of Chester, which manufactures specialties and serving items such as cutting boards, trays, candle-holders and bowls made from black walnut and other hardwoods.

Anchor Hocking produces glass and plastic containers, plastic and metal closures, plastic food service items and consumer and industrial glass products.

Later that same year on July 21, 1973, a write up in The Evening Review describes a fire that seriously damaged the plant:

Fire Causes Heavy Loss At Pottery

Over 75 firemen from Chester, Newell, East Liverpool, and Weirton battled a fire at the Timber Craft Corp., a subsidiary of Taylor, Smith and Taylor, Carolina Avenue and Ninth Street, last night for over six hours.

A spokesman at the company said that over $30,000 damage had been caused to the building but the damage to the equipment is unknown at this time.

Chester firemen received a call at 10:10 last night.

A total of 13 pieces of fire units were on the scene from 10:10 p.m. until 6 a.m., today.

It is believed tht an electrical extension cord or an electric clock in the building caused the fire.

The entire roof of the building was destroyed and heavy smoke resulted when the flames spread to the paint and lacquer in the paint room.

Adjacent to the paint room is a storage area where cardboard boxes are stored. The flames caused heavy damage in that area. Two main trusses were also destroyed.

Four firemen were treated at the East Liverpool City Hospital for minor injuries.

12" by 12" Cheese tray with ceramic trivet with original box. The decal on the trivet is TS&T's Boutonniere.

Timber Craft glass covered cheese dish with double sided trivet.

Timber Craft candlesticks with their stickers

Timber Craft fruit bowl with ceramic center

The lids on these TS&T sugars were made at Timber Craft.
Left: Heatherton in green, right: Ranchero. Both circa 1960s.

Timber Craft promotional catalog inserts, dated 1967-1968.

Timber Craft promotional catalog inserts, circa mid-1970s.

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