St. Aloysius Church - East Liverpool, Ohio
Collector Plates and Postcards
The three commemorative plates below were made at Anchor Hocking (the old TS&T plant) at Chester, West Virginia. According to the markings on the back, these were supposed to be part of an annual series, but must have stopped after Anchor Hocking closed in 1981. The mark on the back of the 1980 plate gives a good summary of the church.

St. Aloysius Community Parish
East Liverpool, Ohio 1838

Description of Symbolism: The green mound on a wavy blue base trimmed in white suggests the mountainous topography where East Liverpool is located on the Ohio River.

The early pottery industry is shown by the kiln which is part of the arms of Stoke-upon-Trent which was the center of the pottery markers in the 18th Century England, some of whose people immigrated to East Liverpool. The school of St. Aloysius is symbolized by the ancient lamp for learning while the Church itself is shown by the bell, a traditional Christian symbol for sounding forth the Word.

St. Aloysius was of the Gonzaga family which ruled Mantua in Italy from 1328 to 1708. The red crosses paty are from the arms of the Dukes of Mantua granted in 1432. Here they allude to constancy in the faith as exemplified in the blood of the martyrs.

1979 Limited Edition
1st in Annual Series of design by
Anchor Hocking Corporation
for St. Aloysius Parish
East Liverpool, Ohio
St. Aloysius Community Parish History

First Catholics resided in East Liverpool, Ohio, in 1817. They attended Mass in Dungannon, Ohio. In 1835 ten families began to meed in the home of John Clakley, were Mass was celebrated on Sundays. In 1845, the first Catholic Church was completed on Fourth Street. During that same year, on Palm Sunday, the Church was destroyed by fire. In 1851, a new wooden structure, pictured on this plate, was completed on the corner of Fifth and Jefferson. In 1887, a new brick church, present structure, was completed. In 1913, the brick was covered with stucco to give the appearance of stone. In 1980, the church, also pictured on this plate, was restored keeping the same stone appearance.

1980 Limited Edition
2nd in Annual Series of Design by
Anchor Hocking Corporation
For St. Aloysius Parish
East Liverpool, Ohio
St. Aloysius - Patron of Youth

St. Aloysius of the Gonzaga family in Mantra, Italy, was born at Castiglione, Italy in 1568. As a son of princely family, Aloysius grew up in the Medici courts and army camps. Resigning his title and inheritance he entered the Society of Jesus, (the Jesuit order). He died at the age of 23, while still a student in 1591, having caught a fever from hospital patients whom he attended. Known from childhood for the purity of his life, was declared Patron of Youth by Pope Benedict XIII, three years after his canonization in 1726. His feast day is celebrated on June 21.

St. Aloysius Church, unused

St. Aloysius Church, postmarked 1917

Inside St. Aloysius, unused

St. Aloysius Shcool, unused

St. Aloysius Shcool, postmarked 1909

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