East Liverpool Stereograph
A Stereograph card featuring East Liverpool by the Keystone View Company, circa 1925. Printed on the back of the card:

Geography Unit No. 17

Pottery Manufacturing along the River, East Liverpool, Ohio

Following the Lincoln Highway westward from Pittsburgh, we again travel through a rather high, rolling farm-land region. An occasional coal tipple or oil well derrick reminds us the other underground wealth. Soon we arrive at the old town of Chester, on the banks of the Ohio and find ourselves in another industrial center.

Here were are looking across the Ohio toward East Liverpool. on an island opposite the ends end of the city, the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia come together.

Where is the industrial section of the city? Suppose we find out what is being produced in those buildings with the jug-shaped chimneys, and why they are so near the river. East Liverpool is the leading pottery center in America. In those buildings with the queer chimneys, chinaware is manufactured. Clay is the principal raw material needed in making pottery. How is this material brought to the city? Why are the factories built along the river?

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