Deanna by Knowles
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The Deanna shape was first made by Knowles in the late 1930s and into the 1950s. Round shape with a narrow band of rings at the rim and on the handles and finals of the hollowware. Made in solid colors, terra tan body, hand-painted plaid treatments, and with decals. The flatware (plates and bowls) as well as the shakers were used with other lines namely Beverly and Aladdin. The double egg cups were also picked up by several other shapes. Deanna is usually marked with general Knowles backstamp.

  1. Demitasse Cup and Saucer
  2. Oval Baker
  3. 36s Bowl
  4. Open Butter
  5. Covered Casserole
  6. Chop Plate
  7. Coaster
  8. Coupe Soup
  9. Creamer
  10. 11" Platter
  11. 13" Platter
  12. 15" Platter
  13. Double Egg Cup
  14. Fruit Cup
  15. Cereal Bowl
  16. Lug Soup
  17. 9" Nappy
  18. 10" Nappy
  19. Pepper Shaker
  20. Salt Shaker
  21. Pickle/Relish
  22. 10" Plate
  23. 9" Plate
  24. 8" Plate
  25. 7" Plate
  26. 6" Plate
  27. Sauceboat
  28. Covered Sugar
  29. Teacup and Saucer
  30. Teapot
  31. Handled Tray (not shown)

Creamer in Red

Assorted Flatware

Shakers in pastel glazes

Denna Plaid examples from the 1950s.

This pink Deanna sugar is unusual in that it has the backstamp:
“El Rio” Ware, East Liverpool, Ohio. It is over the glaze and very worn.

Deanna plate and platter

Deanna handled tray

Denna Egg Cups
Courtesy: Carl & Fran Stone

"Garden Boquet" plate
also appears on Yorktown

Advertisement for Terra Tan on the Deanna shape

Hollywood Pastels ensemble ad from June 1947. The dishes are Knowles' Deanna shape in plastel glazes.

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