Beverly & Regent by Knowles
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Berverly, a.k.a. Regent, was made in the early 1940s through the 1950s. The hollowware was given a much more formal style in comparison to other Knowles' shapes of the same time period. Flatware, shakers, and double egg cup come from the Deanna shape. Though more often found with decals, Beverly was also made in solid colors.

  1. Open Butter
  2. Salt Shaker
  3. Pickle/Relish
  4. Pepper Shaker
  5. Lug Soup
  6. Coaster
  7. Egg Cup/Sherbet
  8. Cereal Bowl
  9. 36s Bowl
  10. Coupe Soup
  11. Cream Soup and Liner
  12. Double Egg Cup
  13. Fruit Cup
  14. Baker
  15. Tea Cup and Saucer
  16. Demitasse Cup and Saucer
  17. Chop Plate
  18. 6" Plate
  19. 7" Plate
  20. 8" Plate
  21. 9" Plate
  22. 10" Plate
  23. Creamer
  24. Teapot, 6-cups
  25. Covered Sugar
  26. Sauceboat, 1-pt
  27. Casserole
  28. Fast Stand
  29. Covered Nappy
  30. 11" Platter
  31. 13" Platter
  32. 15" Platter
  33. 8" Nappy
  34. 9" Nappy

EMK promotional photo: Pattern 4049: "Ingrid"

Vintage ad: “Fernwood” on Beverly

“Designed by Virginia Hamill. Feathery ferns make a brilliant pattern against the smooth white background...the two spirited shades of green offering endless table setting variety. Use your imagination in place mats and flowers combined with Fernwood. Thin gold-color stems curl gracefully across the plate. Wide 22K Gold lines accent rims.”

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