Aladdin by Knowles
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Aladdin uses flatware from the Deanna shape along with the shakers and double egg cup. Aladdin was primarily a decal shape so when a solid color piece is found, it probably orginated with the Deanna shape. The Aladdin teacups were often used in Deanna sets over the standard Deanna teacup. Marked with a general Knowles backstamp, it was made from the late 1930s and well into the 1950s.

  1. Open Butter
  2. Salt Shaker
  3. Pepper Shaker
  4. Pickle/Relish
  5. 36s Bowl
  6. Lug Soup
  7. Coaster
  8. Cream Soup and Liner
  9. Double Egg Cup and Single Egg Cup
  10. Coupe Soup
  11. Fruit Cup
  12. Cereal Bowl
  13. 6" Plate
  14. 7" Plate
  15. 8" Plate
  16. 9" Plate
  17. 10" Plate
  18. Cup and Saucer
  19. Demitasse Cup and Saucer
  20. Square Plate and Chop Plate
  21. Creamer
  22. Teapot
  23. Covered Sugar
  24. Bakers
  25. Sauceboat
  26. Covered Casserole
  27. 9" Platter
  28. 11" Platter
  29. 13" Platter
  30. 15" Platter
  31. 8" Nappy
  32. 9" Nappy
  33. 10" Nappy

"Tia Juana" on an Aladdin sugar.

1950s ads for treatments on the Aladdin shape
“Golden Wheat”

GOLDEN WHEAT Slender spears of wheat bending in the wind, shaded from golden
to deep brown, make this a pattern for creating unusual table arrangements. Use
bright flowers and gay place mats or select the brown tones to blend perfectly with
Golden Wheat... your table will be a mirror of your originality both winter and
summer. The pattern and narrow brown lines are applied over the glaze.

TARANTELLA Tarantella, designed by Virginia Hamill, has a dash of good humor,
fresh color as lively as the spirited fold dance for which it is named. The radiant
yellow of the border fused softly into the creamy ivory-white of the center. Perky
center design of stylized flowers looks hand painted and is done in bright, clear red,
yellow, blue and green.

STRAWBERRY Ripe red strawberries make saucy splashes of color on matching Straw-
berry dinnerware and glassware. Unique shapes popular for buffet service. Gay red
berries applied over snow white ground.

Two vintage Knowles' Aladdin ads
Courtesy: Candy Fagerlin

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