Utility Ware by Knowles
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The Edwin M. Knowles China Company first produced Utility Ware in 1938. It was a streamline modern kitchen ware shape with decorative rings. Utility Ware was made with popular decals at the time such as Sequoia, Fruit, Tia Juana, and a whole range of floral treatments. It was also offered in solid colors and plain with colored trim as the only decoration.

The image to the right comes from a Knowles brochure from the late 1930s. The four items marked with an asterisk (*) were sold with and without lids.

  1. Casserole Tray, 10"
  2. Covered Casserole, 8 1/2"
  3. Covered Casserole, 7 1/2"
  4. Waffle Tray, 11"
  5. Batter Jug*, 2 1/2 pints
  6. Syrup Jug*, 1 pint
  7. Range Set - Cov'd bowl, 4" and shakers
  8. Refrigerator Jug*, 3 pints
  9. Pie Plate, 9 1/2"
  10. Cake Server
  11. Salad Bowl
  12. Salad Fork
  13. Salad Spoon
  14. Triple Service Casserole, 8 1/2"
  15. Shirred Egg
  16. Covered Refrigerator Bowl, 4"
  17. Covered Refrigerator Bowl, 5"
  18. Covered Refrigerator Bowl, 6"
  19. Teapot
  20. Mixing Bowl, 6"
  21. Mixing Bowl, 8"
  22. Mixing Bowl, 10"
  23. Cookie Jar, 1 gallon
  24. Covered Butter (not shown)
  25. Beverge Pitcher* (not shown)
  26. Custard cups, 3 1/2" (not shown)

"Sequoia" pattern on Utility Ware from a Montgomery Wards 1939 Fall/Winter Catalog.
Wards also sold this pattern on the Deanna shape with a tan body as, "Monterey."

Covered Butter
Courtesy: Fran & Carl Stone

Syrup Jug

"Sequoia" Syrup and Beverage Pitcher

Teapot with red trim

10" Mixing Bowl with yellow trim

"Fruit" Range Shakers

"Fruit" Waffle Tray

"Orange Poppies" Casserole Tray

Casserole Trays in Red

Trade Advertisement for Utility Ware

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