The Edwin M. Knowles China Co.
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Many of the web pages on this site mention the Homer Laughlin China Co, but for a number of years, there was a second pottery in Newell; The Edwin M. Knowles China Company.

Edwin M. Knowles, shown at right, started his pottery company in Chester, West Virginia in 1900. He later expanded into Newell in 1913. Both locations made Knowles dinnerware until the early 1930s when Harker took over production at the Chester plant. The Newell plant continued to make dinnerware until 1963.

Below are images of both the Chester and Newell plants as well as a postcard showing Knowles' residence which is still standing on Washington Street in Newell. After being remodeled for apartments (Knowles Estates) and then the Brooke Hancock Group Home, it was transformed into Nixon Funeral Home.

The Newell plant has been razed, but the main office building still stands. The Chester plant was destroyed by fire in 1975.

Knowles China Co. in Chester, WV. This plant was taken over by Harker in the 1930s.

Knowles China Co. in Newell, WV. In operation from 1913 until 1963.

Knowles China Co. in Newell, WV

Knowles China Co. in Chester, WV

The Main offices in Newell today.

Original EMK keystone above the door.

Knowles' residence, then.

Nixon Funeral Home, now.

Left: Arlington shape covered sugar, circa 1910.
Foreground: Yorktown shape coaster in burgundy, circa 1936. Right: Potomac shape teapot, 1951.

Esquire shape teapot with "Grass" pattern. Designed by Russel Wright. Circa late 1950s.

Solid Color Deanna shape

Decaled Puritan shape

Decaled Hostess Shape
Vintage Knowles Ads courtesy: Candy Fagerlin

A listing of many of the shapes made at Knowles China.
All are dinnerware shapes unless otherwise noted.
  1. Accent
  2. Aladdin
  3. Alice Ann
  4. Alice Annglow
  5. Americana
  6. Anniversary
  7. Arcadia
  8. Arlington
  9. Beverly
  10. Cable Shapes
  11. Cameo
  12. Colfax
  13. Classic Satin
  14. Classique
  15. Creme Flute
  16. Cremelace
  1. Criterion
  2. Cumberland
  3. Deanna
  4. Diana
  5. Esquire
  6. Essex
  7. Fashion
  8. Forecast
  9. Four Seasons
  10. Franklin, Toilet Shape
  11. Gloria
  12. Goldina
  13. Hampton
  14. Hostess
  15. Lotus
  16. Lyric
  1. Nile (green glaze)
  2. Kalla Craft, Buffet Ware
  3. Knowlton Casual
  4. Marion
  5. Melody
  6. Maryland
  7. Mayflower
  8. Mayglow
  9. Monterey
  10. Monticello, Dinnerware
  11. Monticello, Toilet Shape
  12. Mount Venon
  13. Old Rose (pink glaze)
  14. Plaid
  15. Potomac
  1. Puritan
  2. Regent (Williamsburg)
  3. Roma (yellow glaze)
  4. Roselace
  5. Roslyn
  6. Sonora
  7. Sylvan
  8. Tempo, Buffet Ware
  9. Utility Ware, Kitchenware
  10. Victoria (Aladdin)
  11. Williamsburg
  12. Welt Edge (Hotel Ware)
  13. Westover
  14. York
  15. Yorktown

Knowles advertisement from the mid-1920s featuring the Cumberland shape.

"Country Life" by Currier & Ives underglaze decoration on a
Knowles sugar and creamer. This line was also made in green.

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