The Hall China Collection
In the spring of 2021, Jim Waddle and his staff at the former Hall China Company in East Liverpool, Ohio took on the task of recovering pottery throughout the plant. They gathered, cleaned, and sorted hundreds of pieces of ware kept in the mold shop, decal room, and other storage areas. Most of the pieces were eventually stored in what used to be the retail outlet, The Hall Closet.

The collection represents over one hundred years of production and consists of teapots, coffee pots, ashtrays, mugs, kitchenware, decanters, barware, dinnerware, lamp bases, and a host of specialty pieces. Some are standard production pieces while others are experimental shapes with trial glazes and decorations, many of which have never been documented before.

The Hall Closet converted to a holding area for 100+ years worth of Hall China. Photo taken first week of May 2021.

On four occasions, I was given the opportunity to help sort, photograph, and document many of these pieces. In March 2021, I assisted in selecting and displaying many rare and unusual pieces at the museum in the retail outlet at The Fiesta® Tableware Company (formerly HLCCo) in Newell, West Virginia. The museum can be viewed during factory tours. Some of the museum pieces as well as many other pieces from the collection can be viewed in the galleries below. Special thanks to Shirley Manning who was helpful in figuring out some of the more unusual pieces.

From November 2021 to December 2023, the bulk of the collection was auctioned off by Strawser Auction Group in several batches. Collectors were given a chance to own a piece of this historical collection from the last of the East Liverpool, Ohio potteries.

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Decanters and Pitchers

Coffee Pots

Eva Zeisel Hallcraft

Eva Zeisel Hallcraft

Kitchenware and
Refrigerator Ware

Lamp Bases, 1950s

Lamp Bases, 1960s-1980s

Cups and Mugs


Color Samples


Flare Ware

Golden Glo

Unglazed Ware

Various Wares, Part 1

Various Wares, Part 2

Various Wares, Part 3

Group Shots, Part 1

Group Shots, Part 2

Group Shots, Part 3

Ware boxes filled and ready to go to Strawsers Auctions, June 16, 2021.

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