Alliance by Homer Laughlin
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The Homer Laughlin China Company made many lines of dinnerware for Cunningham & Pickett since the late 1930s. The pottery would pull from existing shapes to create the lines. However in late 1960, it was decided a new shape would be made especially for the reseller. The result was the Alliance shape, named after the Ohio city where Cunningham and Pickett were based.

Cunninham and Pickett used several trade names such as Century Service Corporation and Lifetime China. The various monikers were often included in the backstamps along with the pattern names.

Flatware is easily identified with its distinctive double edge. Each piece was given an underglaze colored band to coordinate with a given overglaze decal. Most of the hollowware was developed in September and October 1960. On November 14th, an assortment was agreed upon:

  • Tea cup
  • Tea saucer
  • 10" plate
  • 8" plate
  • 7" plate
  • 6" plate
  • 8" coupe soup
  • 10" nappy
  • 5 ⅝" fruit cup
  • 11 ½" platter
  • 13 ½" platter
  • Covered sugar
  • Creamer
  • Teapot
  • 36s Bowl (to be used as a gravy dish)
  • Casserole
Jubilee shakers were picked up to complete the assortment.

This list has the patterns with their treatment numbers that can be found on the Alliance shape. "CSC" stands for Century Service Corporation, "CP" for Cunningham & Pickett, and "LTC" for Lifetime China. Four underglaze band colors are also noted.

  • CSC-45, Yellow Scroll (narrow yellow band)
  • CSC-46, Pink Scroll (narrow pink band)
  • CSC-47, Turquiose Scroll (narrow blue band)
  • CP-225, Avalon (narrow blue band)
  • CP-226, Dixie Rose (narrow pink band)
  • CP-234, Vogue (wide taupe band)
  • LTC-24, Lindale (narrow yellow band)

Typical underglaze and overglaze markings found on the Alliance shape

Avalon teacup, saucer, and teapot

Turquoise Scroll cup, saucer, and covered sugar

Lindale teapot

Yellow Scroll soup and Pink Scroll shakers

Dixie Rose dinner plate

Vogue dinner plate

Iowa plate using an Alliance "blank"

Pink Scroll and Turquoise Scroll salt and pepper shakers

Avalon covered casserole

Vogue covered sugar and creamer

Alliance 11 ½" platter with no decal

Fruit bowls, Dixie Rose (left) and Turquiose Scroll (right)

Turquoise Scroll 13 ½ platter

Alliance examples from the collection of The Fiesta® Tableware Company.

Alliance 36s bowl shop sample decorated with pattern CSC-46, Pink Scroll.
Alliance 10" plates with test patterns

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