1938 Butler Brothers Dinnerware
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The following come from a Butler Brothers 1938 Summer catalog. The first page shown has Homer Laughlin's Riviera and is listed as such. In later page, the line is called, "Bohemia" ware.

The "oven-proof tableware" was made by Harker Pottery in Chester, West Virginia. Beside it is kitchen ware made by Homer Laughlin. Collectors call this pattern "Deco Leaf" and it is shown on several HLC shapes; upper left hand corner has the Daisy Chain casserole and pie plate, bottom left has the Royal Metal straight-sided casserole and pie plate. The cake plate in the middle and the ball jar are Kitchen Kraft, all of the other pieces are embossed OvenServe.

Ranson ware made by Scio Pottery of Scio, Ohio. The Perfection white ware was made at HLC. At one time this was an extensive assortment of pieces made by several different potteries for Butler Brothers, but the selection diminished as the years went on.

HLC's Riviera or "Bohemia" ware. The multiple treatments on the scalloped shape is listed in the adverts as the Rockwood shape. This was probably made by the Cronin China of Minerva, Ohio. It looks very similar to the Virginia shape as made by Scio Pottery.

All of the lines here were made at HLC. "Blue Floral" is on Republic. There are three Virginia Rose shape lines listed and one Marigold shape with silver color trim. In the center is the Coronet shape with petit-point decals. Towards the bottom are two Eggshell Nautilus lines, one of which is Mexicana with blue trim. "Wreath & Dots" is on Brittany and the Vellum Glaze line uses the Century shape.

The last page has HLC's Fiesta and lines made by the Edwin M. Knowles China Company of Newell, West Virginia. "Golden Wheat" and "Pond Lily" are on the Yorktown shape. The floral border line uses the Hostess shape.


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