Coronet Landscapes
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Towards the end of August 1935, six underglaze landscape patterns were drawn for the Coronet shape. Shown below are five of the six drawings under consideration. As noted on the tracing labeled drawing 460 by designer Frederick Rhead, these were intended to be blue printed centers for Newberry, presumably for J. J. Newberry five and dime stores.

While none of these particular sketches went into production, there was another print that did make it. It was listed in company records as the "swan scene" and was made in two colors for Coronet. The blue version was treatment number CO-52 and the pink, CO-51.

There were two other undergalze prints made for Coronet, the "floral center" in blue, CO-52, and pink, CO-51. See this page for more on the Coronet shape.

The artwork shown below is from the collection of The Fiesta® Tableware Company.

Drawing 456

Drawing 458

Drawing 459

Drawing 460

Drawing 461

Swan Scene, CO-52

Coronet casserole with blue swan scene, CO-52

Coronet baker with blue floral center, CO-54

Unused transfer tissue with the swan scene print in blue

Coronet's swan print in pink on an Orleans 10" plate.
Treatment number W-142 for F. W. Woolworth's stores.

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