Dover (Colonial White) by Homer Laughlin
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Dover is known by several names; Colonial White, White Dover, Monticello. The first pieces were modeled in 1965 with each having sixteen panels. When Dover is found in a plain white glaze, it is called, "Colonial White" and has the treatment number CW-100. Consequently, all treatments which appear on the Dover shape will begin with "CW".

Dover with an opaque white glaze, sold as "Colonial White"

Most Dover dinner plates and platters will be found with a general Homer Laughlin backstamp.

Dover was produced until the early 1980s. It can be found with underglaze decorations, decals, and solid colors. The most common solid colors are yellow and green (the same yellow and green used with the Harlequin reissue line of the late 1970s) and a rich brown called Amberstone (not to be confused with "Fiesta Amberstone" of the same time period.)

Items found in dark green and gold glazes almost always have corresponding plates with an underglaze decoration in the same manner as the Hearthside and Granada shapes.

Gingham, CW-119

Madrid, CW-113

All Seasons, CW-120

Dover sold as "Plymouth" by Montgomery Wards

All Seasons, CW-120

Desertstone, CW-132

Autumn Gold, CW-118

CW-105, Bay Berry sugar, CW-120 All Seasons creamer

1979 Calendar Plate

Shakers and Covered Butter in the reissue Harlequin yellow glaze

Milano Gold, CW-111

"Exeter" for Montogmery Ward's

"Homespun" CW-102

Harlequin yellow glaze

Advertisement featuring patterns on Dover, circa late 1960s

Dover (Colonial White) teapot

Dover coffee pots

Dover sugar and creamer, gold speck glaze

Dover sugar and creamer, Bravado green glaze

Dover sugar and creamer, sandstone glaze

Dover sugar and creamer, Blue Onion, CW-104

Dover sugar and creamer, Homespun, CW-102

Dover sugar and creamer, Holly

Sauceboat in Fiesta Red (rare) with plate in reissue green.

"Amberstone" CW-200 dinner plate and reissue green 7" plate.

These six patterns did not go into production. They are from the collection of The Fiesta® Tableware Company.

  • Coffee Server
  • Chop plate
  • Covered Sugar
  • Creamer
  • Oval Platter
  • Serving Bowl
  • Pickle/Relish
  • Teacup
  • Saucer
  • Shakers
  • Gravy Boat
  • Teapot
  • Jumbo Salad Bowl
  • Covered Casserole
  • Covered Butter
  • Soup Tureen
  • Ladle
  • 10" Dinner Plate
  • 7" Plate
  • 6" Plate
  • Lug Soup
  • Soup Bowl
  • Fruit Cup
  • Snack Plate

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