Flight of the Swallows
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Flight of the Swallows was a pattern used by Homer Laughlin during the 1930s. Unlike other vintage HLC decals, Flight of the Swallows was used on very few shapes. It originated on the Wells shape as pattern W-4523 with green edge line and inner fine black line for Montgomery Wards. It was also used on Chelsea with no trim.

Below are just a few examples along with some Yellowstone test pieces.

Flight of the Swallows on a Chelsea platter and Wells covered suyrup, gravy, and liner.

Flight of the Swallows (right) from company records, dated March 19, 1931.

Early 1930s trade advertisment featuring Flight of the Swallows.

1933 Montomery Wards catalog advertisement with Flight of the Swallows, Wells Art Glazes, and Flowers of the Dell.

Set of Yellowstone plates in test glazes with Flight of the Swallows decals.
From the collection of The Fiesta® Tableware Company.

Glaze test B-220

Glaze test B-246

Glaze test B-244

Glaze test B-243

Glaze test B-241

Glaze test B-232

Glaze test B-245

Glaze test B-239

W-9223 on Wells

OR-51 on Old Roman
Technically, these last two patterns are not Flight of the Swallows, however they are related since they use the flroal portion only.

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