Genesee by Homer Laughlin
The Genesee shape was introduced by the Homer Laughlin China Company in 1912. It has a rather extensive assortment similar to other shapes made around the same time such as Hudson and Empress.

Genesee's predecessor, Niagara, is very similar in design and both lines are sometimes confused for one another. Genesee is plain whereas Niagara has a ring towards the bottom of the hollowware and a slightly scalloped rim on the flatware. Of the two, Genesee is easier to find today. Pieces are often marked with the HLC backstamp, shape name, and date code as shown.

Casserole with pattern G-4503

G-1703 Sugar and G-1305 Sauceboat

The following Genesee patterns come from a 1912 Homer Laughlin Catalog

Pattern 1302

Pattern 1601

Pattern 1705

Magazine advert form 1912 showing Genesee

An assortment of Genesee jugs

Casserole with pattern G-1601

Casserole with gold stamps

Covered dish with green and red chain border, decal 2455.

Genesee oyster tureen with gold stamp border.

Genesee gravy

Pattern G-1703 gravy

G-280 sauceboat

Gold stamp sauceboat

Gold trim sauceboat

G-1405 sauceboat

Genesee with heavy gold decoratioin

Genesee with colorful decals

Genesee large (12s) and medium (24s) jugs

Three sizes of Gensee jugs; 24s, 30s, and 36s

Genesee medium jugs, 24s

Genesee medium jugs, 24s

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