Pearlized Glazes and All Over Gold
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If you find a piece of pottery with a pearlized glaze, a.k.a. Mother of Pearl, or one with all over gold, chances are it was decorated by a second company. Applying these two types of decorations was rather easy and smaller potteries as well as individuals with decorating kilns could purchase blanks from the major firms and decorate them at will.

This practice stems from the 1940s and 1950s so don't expect to find older shapes with pearlized or gold treatments. Pearl China of East Liverpool. Ohio would often decorate pieces with pearlized glazes to create all sorts of novelty ware. The Wheeling Decorating Company of Wheeling, West Virginia had a special gold etching technique that could be applied to pottery of all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Shown are just a few examples of blanks from the Homer Laughlin China Company and the Taylor, Smith & Taylor Co. that were decorated by outside parties.

HLC's Swing Egghsell teapot with a blue pearlized glaze

An assortment of TS&T Empire pieces with pearlized glazes

HLC's Colgate jugs with "Rose and Poppy" on the left and a pearlized jug dated 1944.

HLC's Georgian Eggshell teapots with "Petite" on the left and a pearlized pot dated 1946

HLC's Willow jugs with Blue Willow (also made in pink) and pearlized version from 1943

HLC's Theme Eggshell square plates with blue, yellow, and orange pearlized glazes

HLC's Georgian Egghsell teapot, sugar, and creamer decorated by the Wheeling Decorating Company

HLC's Georgian Eggshell shakers and Nautilus Eggshell sugar and creamer by the Wheeling Decorating Company

A close-up of Wheeling Decorating's "Doves, Roses, and Daisies" gold etched design

Hall Edgewater vased with "Doves, Roses, and Daisies" on the left and "Flower and Fern Filled Basket" on the right.
Edgewater vase photos courtesy of Shirley Manning.

Bottom of a Hall Edgewater vase

Whelling Decorating's mark

HLC's Theme Eggshell shakers; with decals and with all over gold

HLC's Swing Eggshell (left) and TS&T's Empire (right) demitasse sets in all over gold.

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