Golden Gate by Homer Laughlin
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Golden Gate was made by the Homer Laughlin China Company from the late 1890s until the very early 1900s. The shape was largely discontinued after 1903, but pricing catalogs still had three treatments offered on Golden Gate in 1904 and 1905. By 1906 the shape was no longer listed in any HLC catalog.

Pieces are generally marked with a Golden Gate and eagle over lion HLC backstamp. As with most HLC lines, casserole lids will have the treatment number either hand written or stamped in gold.

A special "Laughlin China, Las Flores" marking can also be found on casserole lids. Las Flores refers to a series of treatments. Based on the pricing catalogs, Las Flores looks to be a specific print that came in different colors. Below is a portion of a 1902 catalog showing Las Flores on the Golden Gate shape (treatments 436-439) and two (500 and 500X) on the American Beauty shape.

Besides Golden Gate and American Beauty, Las Flores markings can be found on Rococo and Colonial. Shapes that followed, namely Seneca and King Charles, don't have Las Flores in their pattern listings.

Golden Gate as seen in the 1899 Homer Laughlin catalog.

Golden Gate covered butter dish.

Golden Gate platter

Golden Gate 15" platter with pattern 412, cypress vine scroll.

Golden Gate covered dish with pattern number 439

Newport bowl with Golden Gate marking.

Golden Gate 8 ⅛" plate

Golden Gate egg cup

Golden Gate demitasse cups and saucers.

Golden Gate bone dish.

Golden Gate 11" platter

Golden Gate olive dish with club logo

Golden Gate teapot

Golden Gate covered dish with pattern 425

One of the scenes from pattern 425

Two sizes of Golden Gate jugs

Golden Gate covered sugar with blackberry print

Golden Gate covered sauce dish and ladle

Golden Gate sauceboat

Golden Gate covered oyster tureen and ladle

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