Heatherton by Homer Laughlin
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Heatherton was a shape first developed at the Homer Laughlin China Company in the early 1970s. At least six pieces of hollowware were created between December 1972 to April 1973. No Heatherton flatware was developed for this shape so it was most likely mixed with other lines.

Timeline of shape development:

  • covered sugar, model number 3169, December 21, 1972
  • creamer, model number 3170, January 3, 1973
  • cup, 1st version, model number 3171, January 5, 1973
  • cup, 2nd version, model number 3174, February 13, 1973
  • coffee server, model number 3175, February 23, 1973
  • casserole, model number 3177, April 3, 1973
  • sauceboat, model number 3179, April 10, 1973
  • handle for the casserole, 4 3/4", model number 3196, November 9, 1973

All of the following examples are from the collection of The Fiesta® Tableware Company.

Heatherton covered coffee server.

Heatherton cup.

Heartherton sugar and creamer, speckled galze.

Heartherton sugar in white and creamer in gold.

Heartherton creamers: left to right: white, brown, and speckled glaze.

Heartherton covered sugars: left to right: Holly Hobbie, chocolate brown, and butterscotch.

Drawing for model number 3177, Heatherton casserole.

Heatherton casserole in bisque.

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