Gibson Keepsake Plates
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Keepsake plates were made by the Homer Laughlin China Company for Gibson Greeting Cards, Inc. of Cincinnati, Ohio in 1973. They were offered at various drug stores, supermarkets, and retailers at $3.95 to $4.95 per plate. By 1975, many stores were selling the plates at half off.

Each plate was decorated with a decal and inspirational quote. Two sizes were made: 10" with a wide yellow band, and 8 ¼" with a narrow yellow band. The program was very similar to the Holly Hobbie and Gigi plates made for American Greetings around the same time. (See this page for more.)

There were roughly a dozen different patterns between both sizes of coupe shape plates. Each subject had its own treatment number.

Both sizes are relatively easy to find and will have an overglaze gold backstamp with no mention of Homer Laughlin.

10" plate: Happiness shared is happiness doubled

Gold Keepsake marking

8 ¼" plate, C-422: Betsy Ross

8 ¼" plate, C-423: American Pie

8 ¼" plate, C-424: Fishing

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