A Look At Manufacturing in 1954
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The cover and seven pages that follow are part of an article titled "Resins Aid in Ceramic Glazing" from a November-December 1954 issue of The Rohm & Haas Reporter, Volume XII, Number 6. They feature insight into the pottery manufacturing process at the Homer Laughlin China Company in Newell, West Virginia.

Fiesta® and Harlequin are shown on the cover being "dressed" or having the remnants of sagger pins removed. Cavalier is also shown with gold encasing lines (page 1) and underglaze bands applied to the rims of flatware (page 6). The trimmer on page 4 and the glaze dipper on page 5 are both handling Cavalier pieces. A look at the Dura-Print process (as well as its tie in to silk screen) is on page 6. Workers are cutting out and applying the undergalze print of Pastoral on teacups for Quaker Oats on page 7.

This particular issue of The Rohm & Haas Reporter was donated to The Fiesta® Tableware Company in Newell and is part of their collection.

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