Rhythm by Homer Laughlin
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Designed by Don Schreckengost, Rhythm was a plain round coupe shape line of dinnerware developed in the spring of 1950. Rhythm was put into production on September 25, 1950, and was made with decals and in five solid colors: burgundy, chartreuse, forest green, gray, and Harlequin yellow.

The initial assortment consisted of 10", 9", 8", 7", and 6" plates, 13", 11", and 9" platters, teacup and saucer, fruit cup, sugar and cover, creamer, 9" nappy (which doubled as a casserole base), casserole cover, teapot, sauceboat, and coupe soup. The cereal soup was picked up from Charm House and the shakers came from Swing Eggshell.

The only significant shape variation involves the creamer. It originally was the same height as the sugar base, but was replaced soon after the line's introduction by a taller version.

Three pieces were added in 1951: the 15" platter, water jug, and snack plate. The 15" platter and water jug were only offered with decals, while the snack plate was part of the solid color line.

Solid colored Rhythm was part of the general trade and was carried by many retailers. The official treatment number for Rhythm in solid-colored glazes as sold by F. W. Woolworth was W-551. Some of the larger firms sold Rhythm with Brittany rim soups and demitasse cups and saucers in all five glazes.

There were two Rhythm promotional sets: the Fiesta juice set and the Kitchen Kraft mixing bowls. In general, Fiesta juice sets are not difficult to find, but those in Rhythm glazes are rare.

Rhythm flatware was sometimes paired with hollowware from other shapes to create new lines. Rhythm flatware was often mixed with Cavalier Eggshell hollowware. Dura-Print lines called for Rhythm flatware with Charm House (and later Studio) hollowware.

Rhythm in dark green, Harlequin yellow, chartreuse, and gray

Rhythm 10" snack plates

Teapots in burgundy, chartreuse, and gray

Brittany demitasse cup and saucer in Harlequin yellow

Brittany 8 ⅛" rim soup in chartreuse

Special promotional items using Rhythm glazes: a Fiesta juice set and Kitchen Kraft mixing bowls.

American Provincial (RY-104) brochure

Rhythm creamers: original, short style: Red Apple (left) and the taller, restyled version in chartreuse (right)

Rhythm platter, W-251: Cowboy

Rhythm teacup and saucer, W-251: Cowboy

RY-104: American Provincial

GCM-99: Cherries

W-350: Sweet Pea

Rhythm salt and pepper shakers, covered sugar, and creamer with RY-292: Lyric

Rhythm shakers, RY-133: Bordeaux

Rhythm nappy, RY-133: Bordeaux

RY-307: Wisteria

RY-238: Cascade

RY-214: Madisson Rose

Rhythm covered sugar and creamer, CP-189: Melody

Rhythm covered sugar and creamer, CP-172: American Beauty

Rhythm platter, RY-106: Dogwood

Rhythm platter, W-351: Cosmos

Rhythm covered sugar and creamer, CP-132: Flamingo

Rhythm covered sugar and creamer, RY-157: Preference

Rhythm teapot, RY-112: Pink Magnolia

Rhythm sauceboat, RY-112: Pink Magnolia

RY-225: Golden Wheat

RY-209: Armand

RY-170: Ming Glory

Rhythm water jug, RY-135: Lotus Hai

Rhythm creamer and teapot, RY-135: Lotus Hai

RY-346: Starflower

RY-284: Maytime

RY-308: Empress

Rhythm teapot, RY-189: Pink Petal

Rhythm teapot, RY-178: Violets

Rhythm 10" plate, RY-117: Desert Lily

Rhythm nappy, RY-159: Maple Leaf

Rhythm 10" plate, RY-348: Zylstra Rose

Rhythm platter, RY-194: Pink Tree

Rhythm platter, RY-212: Bouquet

Rhythm teapot, RY-217: Magnolia

Rhythm teapot: Rhythm Rose

Rhythm platter, RY-194: Allegro or Adrian

Rhythm platter, RY-259: Minuet

Rhythm nappy, JJ-152: White Flower

Rhythm creamer, JJ-152: White Flower

Rhythm 10" plate, RY-172: Capri

Rhythm teapot, Twilight

Rhythm covered sugar and creamer, Fortune

Rhythm covered sugar and creamer, RY-236: Rubaiyat

Rhythm teapot, RY-167: Gray Laurel

Rhythm teapot, RY-162 Champagne

Rhythm covered casserole, RY-175: Pink Orchid

Rhythm covered sugar, RY-175: Pink Orchid

Assortment of Items:

(*) Solid Color Rhythm only
(**) Decaled Rhythm only

  • 10" plate
  • 9" plate
  • 8" plate
  • 7" plate
  • 6" plate
  • Teacup
  • Saucer
  • Snack Plate*
  • Creamer, tall
  • Creamer, short
  • Sugar
  • Sauceboat
  • Shakers, Swing
  • 15" platter**
  • 13" platter
  • 11" platter
  • 9" platter
  • Fruit cup
  • Cereal, Charm House
  • Coupe soup
  • Rim soup, Brittany*
  • AD cup, Brittany*
  • AD saucer, Brittany*
  • Nappy
  • Casserole
  • Teapot
  • Water Jug**
  • Spoon Rest
  • Juice pitcher, Fiesta (gray)*
  • Juice tumbler, Fiesta (yellow, chartreuse, forest)*
  • Large KK bowl (Chartreuse)*
  • Medium KK bowl (Harlequin yellow)*
  • Small KK bowl (Forest)*

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