Studio by Homer Laughlin
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The Studio shape was first made by Homer Laughlin in 1957. The three most common pieces include the sugar with lid, creamer, and teacup. A teapot was also made, but examples are very hard to find. Studio was originally intended to be used with Dura-Print, a collection of lines decorated with a special underglaze technique. (For more on Dura-Print, see this page.) Most Dura-Print lines used the mushroom shaped Charm House hollowware. Because of its unique shape, Charm House was not ideal to receive the various Dura-Print treatments. As a result, Charm House was glazed in solid colors to match the Dura-Print patterns used on flatware. Studio, on the other hand, was made with even, sloped sides which could be decorated with the same patterns used on the flatware. For the Dura-Print line "Magnolia", the Studio hollowware was given interior pink glazes to match the pattern on the flatware.

In almost every case, the flatware used with Studio hollowware came from Rhythm. There are some examples where Brittany was used. Gaiety is one such line and is shown below.

Studio was never marked. Corresponding flatware, be it Rhythm or Brittany, will generally have a general HLC backstamp or a special Dura-Print mark.



"Tulip Wreath" and "Paradise"


Homemaker pattern on a Studio cup and saucer for Woolworth's and a Studio teapot blank.

"Gaiety" and "Lynbrook" on Studio, 1959. ("Troy" is on the Cavalier shape.)

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