Sahara & Algiers by Homer Laughlin
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Homer Laughlin's Best China in tan body was first made in 1960 and well into the 1970s. Rolled Edge was the primary shape used along with a host of cups, mugs, and other commodity pieces. The tan color comes from the clay itself which was given a clear glaze. This wasn't the first time the factory used colored clays. It was done previously with Kraft Blue in 1937, Kraft Pink in 1941, Skytone, and Suntone, both in 1950.

Plain tan body ware was given the treatment number BC-100 and called Sahara. When the Edward Don & Co. restaurant supplier carried it in their catalogs, they named it Algiers. Tan body with brown line in the middle of the rim was designated BC-102 and named Tan Line.

Many other restaurant and hotelware companies carried their own versions of tan body dishes. This includes, but is not limited to, Buffalo China, Iroquois China, Mayer China, Sterling China, and Walker China.

BC-100: Sahara, plain tan body.

BC-102: Tan Line.

Tan Line (BC-102) on the left with a Durathin plate, Mingtree treatment: BC-478.

Edward Don & Co. advertisement for "Algiers" and a Tom and Jerry mug in tan body.

Tan body compartment plate from 1964.

Tan body Duquesne creamer and Ship mug.

Homer Laughlin sauceboats in white body with golden trim and tan body.

Buffalo China tan body creamer and its marking.

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