The Angelus
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The Angelus was made by the Homer Laughlin China Company from roughly 1905 through 1916. A listing of treatments for The Angelus first appeared in the 1905 pound sterling price guides. Other shapes listed in the 1905 price guide include American Beauty, Colonial, King Charles, and Seneca. (A handful of treatments were still offered on the Golden Gate shape, though the shape was not widely used at this time.)

Over the next few years the number of treatments on The Angelus increased and peaked in 1909 as shown below. After 1910, available treatments began to decline for The Angelus. Shortly after 1916, the shape was discontinued after being overshadowed by more popular shapes such as Genesee, Hudson, and Empress.

The scalloped and embossed edge shape was usually marked with a Homer Laughlin backstamp and shape name as shown to the right. Handles and finials were formed into serpentine shapes which makes identification of the hollowware easy.

The Angelus treatments offered in 1909.

The Angelus shop sample plates with their treatment numbers.
From the collection of the Fiesta® Tableware Company (formerly HLCCo.)

The Angelus nappy with rose decal and blended tints.

The Angelus covered dish with pattern AX-75.

The Angelus pickle dishes.

The Angelus small jug and 30s bowl.

The Angelus covered butter dish, pattern AX-77.
The Angelus tab handled salad bowl, 9½" by 9".
Left: The Angelus pickle and butter pats
Right: First glost piece from the Newell plant, The Angelus shape cup and saucer dated
December 1, 1906. On display at the Museum of Ceramics in East Liverpool, Ohio.

Five sizes of The Angelus jugs.

Teacup and saucer with a creamer.

The Angelus 13" platter.

The Angelus covered dish, pattern AX-10.

Imperial Faience sugar and creamer. This line had custom monograms.

Imperial Faience with "N" monogram. Inset has speical gold marking

Specialty 7" plates using The Angelus blanks

Sauceboat with shamrocks and gold stamp

Sauceboat with large roses

Sauceboat with small roses

The Angelus covered sugar

The Angelus creamer

The Angelus sauceboat

"Royal Majolica" sauceboat

The Angelus platter

"Royal Majolica" platter

The Angelus covered dish. Photo by Joanne Jasper

The Angelus handeled salad, circa 1910

Casserole with pattern AX-77.

Small baker with decals and gold stamps.

The Angelus platter with roses and gold stamps

Specialty latter with decla, green wash trim, and gold stamps

Specialty plates using The Angelus shape

The Angelus mini platters, 6-inches across.

The Angelus 7" plates with "Currant" decoration from HLC's Art China line..

The Angelus shapes from a 1914 Homer Laughlin catalog
  1. Teapot
  2. Sugar
  3. Creamer
  4. Sauce Boat
  5. Cov'd Butter
  6. Bowl
  7. Coffee
  8. Tea
  9. A. D. Coffee
  10. Salad
  11. Nappie
  12. Baker
  13. Oatmeal
  14. Fruit
  1. Ind. Butter
  2. Bone Dish
  3. Spooner
  4. Dish
  5. Cake
  6. Plate
  7. Deep Dish
  8. Coupe Soup
  9. Pickle
  10. Oyster Tureen
  11. Casserole
  12. Covered Dish
  13. Sauce Tureen
  14. Jug

The Angelus price list from the 1914 catalog. All measurements are given in trade sizes.

The Angelus plain white ware as offered by Sears in 1908.

Drawing for The Angelus patterns 9991 and AX-15.

"Gold Wreath" offered by Sears in 1909.

The Angelus plain white ware as offered by Sears in 1909.

"Rosemere" offered by Sears in 1909.

September 1913 Good Housekeeping advertisement showing The Angelus shape.

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