Montgomery Wards Dinnerware, 1939 - 1940
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The following pages come from a Montgomery Wards Fall/Winter 1939 - 1940 catalog. They include dinnerware made by the Homer Laughlin China Company, Edwin M. Knowles, American Limoges, Paden City Pottery, W. S. George, and the Pope-Gosser China Company.

The patterns with their makers are listed in the following order:

  1. Caliente by Paden City
  2. Oslo by American Limoges
  3. Spring Bouquet by Edwin M. Knowles
  4. Jonquil by Paden City
  5. Golden Wheat by Knowles
  6. Red Leaf Dinnerware
  7. Eleanor by W. S. George
  8. Monetery by Knowles
  9. Lady Alice by Homer Laughlin
  10. Chartreuse by Knowles
  11. Heirloom by American Limoges
  12. Priscilla by Knowles
  13. Acacia Flower by Knowles
  14. Briar Rose by HLC
  15. Regal by Knowles
  16. Bordeaux Dinnerware
  17. Formal by HLC
  18. Gold Stripe by HLC
  19. Blue Willow by HLC
  20. Rose Point by Pope-Gosser
  21. Valerie by American Limoges
  22. Sequoia (kitchenware) by Knowles

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